“Open Spaces,” a collection of oil paintings by Scott Lloyd Anderson, will be on display at Cambridge Medical Center through the end of September, with his most recent painting having a focus on the Rum River.

“A couple of weeks ago at the Cambridge City Park I painted the river,” Anderson said. “The river is such a large part of the town, and since the park is right next to the town, I thought it would work great; it was also a really lovely, nice day out that day.”

Most of Anderson’s paintings are done on location, and the Rum River painting, which also illustrates children playing in the river, is no different. On the day he came to Cambridge, Anderson stood on the fishing pier that overlooks the river and painted what he saw.

“The painting is the view from the fishing pier, it’s what I saw when I was there that day,” Anderson said. “It’s the real life I like to capture in my work, and that’s what I was able to do. A lot of the paintings have stories that go along with them. I paint a lot of the scenes in the world around me.”

Anderson has painted all around the country and world, including areas in England, China and Italy, but one of his favorite places to find inspiration is at his father- and mother-in-law’s home.

“Part of my story is that Don and Carolyn Hedberg, my in-laws, live in and grew up in Cambridge, which is why I was interested in doing a show in this area,” Anderson said. “Some of the work I’ve done is from their lake cabin up in Danbury, and another reason for the show was to be able to group the Danbury pieces and Webb Lake pieces and do them as a show.”

One of Anderson’s featured paintings is of Don’s work bench, which Anderson “messed up in order to make the picture,” according to Don.

He also found inspiration in a dock out of water during winter at the Hedbergs’; that piece is also on display at the Medical Center.

“My approach as an artist is trying to show the beauty of the world and make compelling pictures wherever they are,” Anderson said.

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