On Tuesday, Sept. 3, the Rushseba Town Hall was packed with history buffs interested in viewing images from Rush City in 1954.

Mary and Bob Larson, who originally built and operated the Raven’s Nest on old Highway 61, had donated some slides to the historical society.

Ilene Olson Holmberg said this about Bob Larson: “He wrote histories of the places he had worked. His father was a longtime Rush City resident and owned a cement business. He installed the first curbing in Rush City.”

Bill Schneider, another long-term resident of Rush City, also had donated some slides. Holmberg said of Schneider, “His father operated the Schneider Chevrolet Garage.”

Deb Dahlberg went through the slides. Some of the slides dated back to the late 1800s and early 1900s, when Main Street in Rush City looked vastly different. Dahlberg helped identify slides of Rush City Mercantile, Effie’s, State Bank of Rush City, Addalin Theater, Sommer Drug Store, and many more. Identifying the folks that walked Rush City’s streets in 1954 and earlier generated open discussion on who appeared in the photos.

In one photo Waldo Carlson is cutting a teenager’s hair. The crowd guessed the teenager was Duane Nessel and the next day it was confirmed.

Other photos included longtime owners of the Grant House, Glynn and Leola Boda with their infant daughter, Celeste.

Long-term residents Carl and Bev Heinrich, Dale Jaffrey, Dick Ordner, Pam Meissner, Mike Robinson and others all helped identify pictures.

Another picture showed Chester Larson, a local cop standing in the jail door, Women’s Club Ladies, Kaffee Kup and the Mobil Gas Station among others.

There was much laughter and memories, and the groups didn’t want to leave. After the official show ended, attendees stayed to reminisce more.

“It was a great evening,” Holmberg said.

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