Green Lake

Funding opportunities are available in the shaded gray areas highlighted on the map.

Over the next 10-16 years the Isanti Soil and Water Conservation District will be working on improving the overall health of Green Lake by installing best management practices in residential and rural settings. They are looking for landowners willing to take the next steps in working to restore the health of Green Lake.

If you own agricultural land: In most cases their program can cover 100% of the cost to install a conservation project. The projects that they can fund include cover crops, filter strips, grassed waterways, water and sediment control basins, wetland restorations and reduced till/no-till.

They understand that many farmers are incorporating conservation practices into their farming program already. Whether you are or aren’t, they would love to brainstorm opportunities to step it up a notch. If you are interested in helping out, contact Matthew Remer at 763-689-3271 or

If you own property near the lake: If you have erosion on your lakeshore, you see an excessive amount of rainwater running over your land and into the lake, or you know of a location that may be causing pollution, contact Todd Kulaf at 763-689-3271 or

They are partnering with the Green Lake Improvement District on this program area. In many cases landowners will work directly with the GLID to resolve issues. The SWCD will primarily help with projects where the cost or problem requires engineering.

The area available for funding is highlighted on this map (see Figure 1). They look forward to partnering with the area landowners in soil and water conservation.

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