Approximately 100 local officials, psychotherapists, county social workers, community members and staff turned out for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house held at Cambridge Medical Center April 23, celebrating two new mental health programs: a new adult partial hospitalization program and an adult mental health outpatient program.

Nurse manager from PHP/MH (Partial Hospitalization Program/Mental Health) Services of Cambridge Medical Center Susan Eisenbacher welcomed guests before the ribbon cutting and was instrumental in the process of the two new programs offered in mental health at the Cambridge Medical Center.

“Within the first hour of coming here to Cambridge, Susan told me where I could find the best doughnut in the area,” said Aaron Grey, Allina Health Partial Hospitalization Program director. “From that moment on, I knew we were a match made in heaven. Susan and I have been working together since October. A lot of ambition, a lot of kindness, a lot of collaboration went into all the weed work that this team laid to get this program where it is today. Susan has an eye for talent and brought the A-squad.”

The two new mental health programs offered at Cambridge Medical Center opened on April 15. According to Allina, the Adult Partial Hospitalization Program is an option for patients when they need short-term intensive care for a mental health condition. The three-week program is directed by a psychiatric provider in a group therapy environment to help prevent and reduce hospitalization and support patients in their home environments.

The Adult Mental Health Outpatient Program is an option for patients when they need concentrated support for a mental health condition. The program offers support to overcome obstacles that interfere with daily living, stabilizing mood and improving participants’ mental health to live their best life. The day treatment program offers customized services and flexible scheduling.

According to Allina, these are the first programs of their type available in the area outside of the Twin Cities. Both programs will help adults stay out of the hospital and get the intensive treatment they need and still be able to stay at home without having to travel long distances for services.

Cambridge Mayor Jim Godfrey said the Cambridge City Council has a goal of overall safety of health for the community and they send representatives to the Allina Community Engagement Council to work on those health issues with Allina.

“We look forward to this facility helping us keep vibrant and attributing citizens not tethered to their mental illness,” Godfrey said.

North 65 Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Melissa Bettendorf said she wanted to recognize all of the hard work that went into developing the two new programs.

“When I first came and got the tour, you could feel the pride and all the things they were sharing,” Bettendorf said. “They worked hard on every detail being just right for the patients. We are grateful to have Cambridge Medical Center as a strong partner in our community.”

Cambridge Medical Center Dr. Michael Patten is not only a doctor, he is a skilled photographer, and his work is on display in the hallways of the mental health facility.

“His images of wildlife, botanicals and landscapes are perfect for creating an environment that comforts our spirits and helps to heal our minds. Since most of his photographs are of local images, they are recognizable and relatable,” said Julie Gotham, executive director of the Cambridge Medical Center Foundation.

People who came to the open house had a chance to take a tour, learn more about the programs, meet the staff and meet the new president of Allina Health Cambridge Medical Center and Buffalo Hospital Kelly Spratt and Vice President of Allina Health Mental Health Service Line Joe Clubb.

“Cambridge has a very long history serving the community and it’s very rich,” Clubb said. “I want to get us grounded in thinking about something that is sad. We know that 1 in 5 people across the country live with a mental health condition and addiction. So what that means to me and many of us is that could be our neighbor, somebody that we love, or ourselves that are on a journey.”

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