Despite the added signage the area for grass and leaves only has been taken over by brush and tree limbs on multiple occasions, among other things not belonging in the area.

The Braham City Council has agreed to relocate and expand the city’s compost site due to misuse and the need for more space, while also acknowledging the site is important to the community.

“We have continued abuse of the compost site,” said Braham City Administrator Angie Grafstrom, during the July 7 regular meeting of the City Council. “We met with Park and Trail Committee and the engineers, and they would like to move the compost, because it is actually at the opening of our 40 acres of potential parkland now.”

Misuse of the site included dumping of prohibited materials and dumping in unauthorized places, according to Grafstrom.

“We are proposing that we move it to the back lot in the industrial park, and when we do that and it becomes city-used, we can take it off of the tax roster so we’re not paying on taxes on that lot anymore either,” Grafstrom added.

The relocation would be to the industrial park off of Quail Street, which offers both the benefit of additional space, as well as removes the eye sore for downtown Braham, according to Grafstrom.

“If we can set it up properly to begin with, it should be easier to maintain and serve as an actual compost site,” Grafstrom said in her city administrator’s report. “It could still be gated, and we can easily add a camera, as there is fiber out there.”

Council Member Shawn Sullivan voiced his opinion in agreement with the relocation.

“I think it’s a great idea; we’ve got that lot just sitting back there, but the road just ends, so are we going to build a new road or lay gravel or class five?” Sullivan said.

Because Quail Street is a county road, the council is planning to approach the county about their desire to utilize the road for access.

“Instead of cutting through the other lots we will have the access be off of Quail and Sixth Street,” Grafstrom said. “Then we are going to do a horseshoe so we fully utilize the lot. We will have signage saying ‘no dumping on the road’ and designating where they can dump their stuff.”

“We are hoping that will make it a more useful compost where it actually composts and people can go get compost, and the stumps and firewood, if they want, will be separate,” Grafstrom said.

Sullivan made the motion to move the compost site pending approval from the county for the driveway. The motion passed unanimously.

City moves forward with city clean-up day with adjustments

As COVID-19 has affected many planned events throughout cities nationwide, Braham is continuing to move ahead with their annual September Clean Up Day event with some adjustments.

“With the concerns over COVID-19, contact, and overtime for our utility department, I spoke with Quality Disposal and Mike’s Lawn Service and we are planning a curbside pick up with both on Saturday, September 26,” Grafstrom said. “People will schedule through the office and we will bill their water bills like we have in the past, and we will not have to pat the utility department to be in on Saturday collecting clean-up items.”

The city is requesting residents schedule their pick-up at least a few weeks ahead of time, so locations can be scheduled.

Residents will be charged per item picked up from $40 for a hide-a-bed to $5 for a dining chair; miscellaneous garbage for $30 per yard and $60 for tractor tires over 200 pounds.

For more information on pricing or to schedule a pick up call Braham City Hall at 320-396-3383.

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