Advertisement for Bids & Proposals

Water Storage Tank Rehab-BIDS
Harley Hopkins BIDS
Kitchen & Cafe BIDS
Sewer Lining BIDS
Water Treatment Plan Improv.BIDS
Additions/Renov. St. Louis Park-BIDS
2019 City Hall Remodel BIDS
Project STR-2019-01 % Mike Kelly
St Louis Park High School BIDS
2019 Mainline Rehab-BIDS
Water Tower Maintenance BIDS
FLEX Learning Addition BIDS
Mechanical & Electrical BIDS
Ground Storage Reservoir Rehab
Bluff Creek BIDS
Building Envelope Improvements BIDS
Westwood Hills Nature Center-BIDS
Elm Creek Restor. BIDS
Neighborhood Drainage Improvement
Water Treatment BIDS
Cedar Manor Bids
Consulting Service Proposals
Generator/HVAC Control Bids
Alum Treatment Bids
Zachary Playfield Bids
Retaining Wall-BIDS
Insurance BIDS
Connect the Park-BIDS
Student Built Tiny House-BIDS
Restoration Phase II Bids
2019 Concrete Replacement BIDS
Boulder Bridge BIDS
Roof/Exterior Rehab-BIDS
Riviera Lane Bids
Chromebook BIDS
Mill & Overlay BIDS
2018 Parks and Trails Bids
City Project ST 180003 % Mike Payne
Wooddale Ave Bridge-BIDS
New Elementary School Bids
Seal Coat BIDS
Janitorial Cleaning Services BIDS
Troy Lane Improvements BIDS
Milling & Surfacing BIDS
Seal Coat Project BIDS
Solar RFP
Bread BIDS
Produce BIDS
Parking Lot Const.-BIDS

Certificates of Assumed Name

Lucky Street Thai Street Food and Sushi
Kickstart Analytics
Significant Hands Home Health Care
David Lynn/David Lynn enterprises
A.J. Agency
Restorative Spa LLC
Gopher Ace %Samuel Dalluge
Merry Messages
Seasons Of Life
Save on Magazines LLC
Monoceros Real Estate
Kickstart Analytics
Carson City Coin Co.
Rouzer Group
Homes of Distinction
Havenwood of Minnetonka
Lori Haider Ministries
Ashley Klein Photography
Now Basements Assumed Name
Now Decks Assumed Name
Now Kitchens Assumed Name
Now Remodeling Assumed Name
Now Home Services Assumed Name
Decision Fitness assumed name
The focused rider assumed name
Havenwood of Minnetonka Home Care
Havenwood of Minnetonka Home Care
AAA Jewelry
AAA Time
AAA Auctions
Belle Ame Lounge
Sparrows & Stones
Headland Law & Strategy
Midwest Attainable Housing
Pacovsky Photography
Paint Nail Bar
L3 Gifts and Convenience
Insurance Advisors, Inc.
Legacy Seamless Gutters
Todd Ryks Consulting
MultiFamily Solutions
Apricot Lane Boutique
Condition Orange Preparedness
Metro Pets & More
Metro Home Organzer
Stone Design Associates


Aeration System Wolfe Lake
Comp Plan Update
Notice of General Election (2nd)
2018 Sample Ballot
2018 Notice of General Election
Accuracy Test
Notice of Accuracy Test
Notice of General Election (1st)
Notice of General Election Ballot
Accuracy Test
Accuracy Test
Election Locations
Notice of Election and Sample Ballot
Public Accuracy Test
Notice of General Election
Notice of General Election
Public Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
Excelsior sample ballot
Public Accuracy Test
Election Notice
Vacancies Notice
Election Location Notice
Resolution 2018-328
Pesticide Application Notice
2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Annual Disclosure
Accuracy Test
Accuracy Test
Notice of Primary Election
Primary Election Notice
Public Accuracy Test
State Primary Election
Accuracy Test Notice
Public Accuracy Test
Sample Ballots
Election Location
Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
Accuracy Test
Election Notice
Filing Notice
Notice of Primary Election
Sanitary & Storm Improvement Bids
Election Polling Locations
Filing Notice
Council Member Filing Notice
Filing Notice


Cranberry Ridge Update
Release of Funds
Cranberry Ridge

Financial Statements

2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Annual Disclosure Statement
2017 Financial Report
2017 Financial Report (2)
2017 Financial Report (3)
2017 Financial Report (4)
2017 TIF Disclosure
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements (2)
2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Financial Statements pg 1
2017 Financial Statements pg 2
2017 Financial Statements pg 3
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Mortgage Foreclosures

Maryknoll LLC

Notice of Court Hearings

McCarty - Madison
McCarty-QPTR Petition
McCarty-ILIT Petition
Gallagher vs Copeland
B&D Holdings LLC % Connie Bultema

Notice of Public Hearing

Capital Funds 2019
5235 Wayzata Blvd-PH
Electric Vehicle-PH
CIP Bonds-PH
137 Maple Hill Rd.-PH
8090 Excelsior Blvd-PH
Wheeler Dr CUP/Linden St VAR-PH
5155 Weeks & Albans Bay-PH
5290 Meadville St-PH
21800 Bryon Cr CUP-PH
Revenue obligations-PH % Ellen Gerdts
Street & Utility Improvement-PH
2040 Comprehensive Plan Update
Subdivide 353 Ferndale Road
630 Wayzata Blvd E PH
1517 Hollybrook Road
235 Lake St E-PH
The Waters of Excelsior, LLC PH
23825 Lawtonka Dr PUD
Easement 8000 Mtka Blvd-PH
Delinquent Bills-PH
TIF 7-7 Public Hearing
Vacate Drainage & Utility Easement PH
2040 Comprehensive Plan PH
Ball Field Lights PH
8090 Excelsior Blvd PH
Floor Area Ratio CUP PH
8000 Minnetonka Blvd Variance PH
6538 West Lake Street Variance PH
2040 Comprehensive Plan
2019 Street & Utility Improvement PH
153 Peavey Lane Subdivision PH
Economic Developement -PH
Amend Ordinance R-3-PH
Comp Plan
Public Hearing Notice November 13
Hunt Properties-PH
5175 Queens Circle CUP
Kroening PH
Meadville St Grading-PH
295 Lakeview Avenue PH
Petition to Vacate Utility Easement
Comp Plan-PH
Vacate sewer easement-PH
Highcroft Court-PH
Wayzata Community Sailing Center-PH
South Hampton Village-PH

Notice of Sales

December 22 Hopkins
December 22 Plymouth
December 12 St. Louis Park Sale
Save Park December 12 Sale
November 20 - Hopkins
November 20 Sale-Plymouth
2009 Porsche Cayenne
November 27 Plymouth
October 29 Sale-Plymouth
October 22 Sale
October 10 St. Louis Park
October 10 St. Louis Park
September 20 Plymouth
September 20 Hopkins Sale
August 21 Plymouth
August 21 Hopkins
August 17 Plymouth
July 27 Sale
July 27 Sale
Nissan Altima Sale
June 14 Plymouth Sale
June 26 Plymouth Sale
June 13 St Louis Park
June 13 St. Louis Park
2011 Toyota Camry
2014 Nissan Altmia Sale
May 21 Plymouth Sale
May 21 Hopkins Sale
April 23 Sale
April 23 Sale
April 24 Sale
April 11 St. Louis Park
April 11 St. Louis Park
Jackets/ Uniform Tops Sale
March 21 Sale
March 7 Sale
February 13 Sale
February 14 St. Louis Park
January 23 Sale
January 26th Sale
January 23 Sale
December 13 St Louis Park
Nov 27 France Ave S
Nov. 27 Park Dr
Nov. 27 Highway 7
Nov. 27 7th St S
Nov. 27 Hedberg Dr
Nov. 27 3rd Ave N
November 28 Sale
November 15 Sale


Ordinance 786
Ordinance 2546-18
Ordinance 2547-18
Ordinance NO. 582
Ordinance 2545-18
Ordinance No. 584
Ordinance No. 2018-10
Summary of Ordinance 785
Ordinance No. 2544-18
Ordinance NO. 581
Ordinance No. 784
Resoultion 19-18 of ORD 279
Ordinance No. 281
Ordinance 284
Ordinance NO. 2543-18
Ordinance No. 2018-1035
Ordinance No. 2018-1036
Resolution 2018-320
Ordinance NO. 2018-08
Ordinance No. 2018-09
Ordinance NO. 2018-1134
Ordinance No 283
Ord 783
Ordinance NO. 2542-18
Ordinance No 780
Ordinance No 783
Ordinance No. 561
Ordinance No. 2540-18
Ordinance No. 2541-18
Ordinance No. 2539-18
Ord 782
Ordinance No. 781
Resolution No. 2018-237
Resoulution No 2018-250
Resolution No. 2018-254
Resolution No. 2018-255
Ordinance No. 558
Ordinance No. 557
Ordinance No. 559
Ordinance No. 560
Ord 278
Ord 280
Ord 277
Ordinance No. 2537-18
Ordinance No. 2538-18
Resoultion 2018-206
Ordinance No. 2536-18
Resolution 2018-192
Ordinance No. 2535-18
Ordinance No. 2018-1131


Binger William
Jafarpour Estate
Estate of Brian Henry Erickson
Angrimson Llewellyn
Bell Scott
Flory Brian
Blair Gordon
Young John
Daly Leslie
Mersky Richard
Banken/Pesek Estate
Eischen Estate
Benson Eric
Kemerling Garth
Hanson Robert
Vandenberg Betty
Zeleske Marie
Hanson Donald
Gaertner Estate
Lindelof Leonard
Vorhes Harriet
Gunyou Estate
Peterson Estate
Gavic Estate
DiLauro Judith
DeGenere Estate
Anderson Margaret
Smith Brenna Estate
Fink Estate
Wright Marjorie
Malmberg Jean
McEachran Estate

Public Notices

Non-Discrimination Policy
Carr Carl % Patricia Herring
Annual Meeting
Business Closing
Public Housing Apps/2 BR
FM Translator
Rules Amendment
Environmental Assessment
Gruchow Kristabella
Verizon- Orono, MN
Northland Aluminum-Polution Control
Bass Lake Aeration
Boundary Change Meeting
Hadley Lake-Open Water
Mooney Lake Aeration
Non-Discrimination Policy
National Parkinson Foundation-Dissoultio
SABLID Meeting Dates
KEB & Associates Dissolution

School Board

October 23 Regular Minutes
2018-2019 Budget
2017-2018 Budget
Maintenance BONDS
November 1 Regular Mintues