Advertisement for Bids & Proposals

Asphalt Materials BIDS
Sewer Mainline Rehab-BIDS
Blake Road Improvement-BIDS
Street Sweeping BIDS
Sewer Lining Project-BIDS
Daikin Rooftop System-BIDS #18014
Sealcoat BIDS
Concrete Repairs-BIDS
Dust Barrier/Asbestos BIDS
Medical Insurance Plan Bids
Makeup Air Unit Replacement-BIDS
Mechanical Upgrades BIDS
2018 Water Treatment Chemicals BIDS
Meadowbrook Elementary Bids
Partial Roof Rehab Bids
Quail Ridge Draining Bids
Audio Systems-BIDS
Building Envelope Improv.BIDS
Precast Vent BIDS
Ventilation Upgrade-BIDS
17015 Pond Maintenance Bids
4144 Shady Oak Road, Minnetonka Bids
City Hall Renovation Bids
East Medicine Lk Park Site-BIDS
Creek Center Catering Bids
Prime Vendor-School Food BIDS
Scenic Heights Restoration Bids
Water Treatment Plant Improv.-BIDS

Certificates of Assumed Name

Digital Wizards
NOD Products
Megan Kampa
Comfort Inn Plymouth
Home2 Suites by Hilton Plymouth Minneapo
Enso Wellbeing
AgriCap Group
Select Treks
Beautiful Impact LLC
Rising Waters Photography
Jones Bones
Giving Tree Gardens
Excelsior Equities
Erik's Bikes Boards
Erik's Bikes Boards
Convenient Contraptions
SSB Outlet
MCW Environmental
Cloudy Water Photo
Signature Wealth Management
Nutritious Vida
Birdfish Merchandising
SureCrete Design Products
LCHF Fitness
Sport Clips Assumed Name(Amendment)
Salon Concepts (St. Louis Park)
Grand River Insurance Assumed Name
Grand River Insurance Agency Assumed Nam
Seagull College Consulting
Julie Elisabeth Arts & Wellness
Burning Candle Media
Weston Nelson Real Estate
Dr Home
Off Your Plate
Ferguson Insights
Prism Financial Advisors


2018 Long Term Financial Plan
Charter Commission Vacancy Notice
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Fee Schedule
Wolfe Lake Aeration System
Public Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
General Sample Ballot
Notice of General Election
General Election Notice
2017 Sample Ballot
Public Housing Waiting List

Financial Statements

2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Notice of Public Hearing

Wayzata Blu Preliminary Hearing
The Retreat Hearing
February 27 Hearing
Oakwood Square-PH
Summers Edge South-PH
The Enclave at Elm Creek-PH
Block Grant Program-PH
Life Cafe Wine/Liquor-PH
4317 Brownsdale-PH
Minnetonka Blvd-PH
Zoning Greenhouse-PH
2018 Urban Hennepin Co Block Grant
Gonyea Homes-PH
Summergate Companies-PH
HRA 2018 Funding for Block Grant
Mark Williams Custom Homes
235 Lake St E.- PH
Ord 2018-1128
Sapporo 2018-PH
Viking Development-PH
January 17 PH
Zoning and Subd text Amendment
January 16-PH
Bawarchi Indian Cuisine-PH
Charter Amendments-PH
Shavers Lane-PH
Annapolis LLC-PH
Five Star Development Hearing
2018 Street Improvements
Delinquent Bills-PH
Tobacco Ordinance-PH
November 28 PH
Stormwater Management Hearing
Setback Variance Hearing
Doran 810
ACSLP Hearing
Blue Fox Indian Bar Hearing
CSM Lodging Hearing
ACSLP Liquor License-PH
SWPPP Meeting
Barry Variances
Gale Road Accessory Bathroom Hearing
2018-2022 Capital Imp Projects Hearing
Amendments of Chapter 8 Hearing
CIP Hearing
CUP Indoor Commercial Recreation-PH
2018-2022 CIP-PH
Vacate Easements-Norqual-PH
4-Square Builders Inc.-PH

Notice of Sales

March 7 Sale
February 13 Sale
February 14 St. Louis Park
January 23 Sale
January 26th Sale
January 23 Sale
December 13 St Louis Park
Nov 27 France Ave S
Nov. 27 Park Dr
Nov. 27 Highway 7
Nov. 27 7th St S
Nov. 27 Hedberg Dr
Nov. 27 3rd Ave N
November 28 Sale
November 15 Sale
August 15 Sale
October 27 Highway 169 N
October 27 Highway 55
October 27 Ranchview Ln N


Ordinance No. 550
Ordinance No. 551
Ord 778
Ordinance No. 2530-18
Shade Tree Disease Control Ord
Ordinance No. 575
Ordinance No. 574-Summary
Ordinance No. 573 Summary
Ordinance No. 2018-01
Resolution No.2018-025
Resoultion No. 2018-028
Ordinance No. 274
Ordinance No. 2529-17
Ordinance No. 571
Ordinance No. 572
Ord 2017-1124
Ord 2017-1126
Ord 2017-1127
Ord 2017-1125
Ordinance No. 549
Ordinance No. 548
Ord 2526-17
Ord 546
Ord 547
Flavored Tobacco Ord
Ord 2524-17
Ord 2525-17
Resolution 2017-319 Ord. 2017-21
Resolution No, 2017-320 ORD 2017-22
Ord 2522-17
Ord 2523-17


Smith Brenna Estate
Fink Estate
Wright Marjorie
Malmberg Jean
McEachran Estate

Public Notices

Boundary Change Meeting
Hadley Lake-Open Water
Mooney Lake Aeration
Non-Discrimination Policy
National Parkinson Foundation-Dissoultio
SABLID Meeting Dates
KEB & Associates Dissolution

School Board

January 23 Executive Session Minutes
January 23 Regular Minutes
November 11 Regular Minutes
January 8 Regular Minutes
January 4 Minutes
January 4 Closed Minutes
December 11 Regular Minutes
December 18 Special Minutes
December 7 Closed Meeting Minutes
December 7 Regular Minutes
November 2 Closed Minutes
2017-2018 Budget
October 17 Closed Minutes
October 17 Regular Minutes
2017-2018 Budget
2017-2018 Budget
October 9 Minutes
October 5 Regular Minutes
November 2 Regular Minutes
2017-2018 Budget
September 19 Regular Minutes
September 19 Special Minutes
September 19 Closed Minutes
October 3 Regular Minutes
Ballot Counting
General Election Sample Ballot
Testing Optical Scan
Notice of Special Election
Notice of General Election
Notice of Special Election
General/Special Election
August 28 Closed Minutes
August 14 Regular Minutes
Accuracy Test
Notice of General Election
September 11 Regular Minutes
September 25 Closed Minutes
September 25 Special Minutes
October 5 Regular Minutes
Review and Comment
September 12 Minutes
September 18 Minutes


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