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Overlay Street BIDS
Sealcoat Street BIDS
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CIP 4002-18 BIDS
CIP 4003-18 BIDS
New Elementary School Blaine Bids
Project 18-01 Bids
Water Tower Bypass-BIDS
Water Elevated Tank BIDS
Improvements Projects 999 BIDS
Water Main Improvements BIDS
Mill & Paving Project BIDS
Family Aquatic Center Bids
2018 Reroof at FAIR
Dust Barrier/Asbestos BIDS
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Fred Moore Ventilation Bids
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Certificates of Assumed Name

Twin City Interlock
SRS Transport
Balanced Paws
Holy Mary, Mother of Mercies Ministries
Kathie's Favorite Things
Big Cat Publishing LLC
Youngmark Enterprises
Click Bandit Creative LLC
Husky Tech Solutions
MLC Sport
Deepthink Books
Gigi and Me
The DeBonair Band
Erika Marie Consulting
Jason Pruett-Treehugger
THE LODGE in Robbinsdale
The Simply Elegant Group
The White Room Minneapolis
A Fresh Palette


Bassett Creek Vacancy
Shingle Creek/West Mississippi Vacancy
Shingle Creek Crossing Resolution
General Amendment Comment
Accuracy Test
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Financial Statements

2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Notice of Court Hearings

Dexter vs Sandy
Dowswell Trust

Notice of Public Hearing

SW Parcel Land Sale-PH
February 12 PH
PH 18-100
18-101 PH
Charter Chapter 9-PH
Proposed Improvement Project No 1010-PH
Block Grant Program-PH
February 5 EDA Hearing
McDonalds Hearing
Public Hearing Charter Chapter 9
Tokyo Sushi-PH
CDBG Hearing
2018 PMP Hearing
PH- #17-136 The Woof Room
Planning and Land Use Hearing
Ridgecrest Investigators
Recycling Rates and Charges
SJB Currency Exchange Hearing
Unbank Hearing
Storm Sewer Utility Rates Hearing
Case No 17-132
Case No 17-133
Case No. 17-134
Case No. 17-135
License renewal-Pawn & Finds-PH
Chapter 11 Ord Amendment Hearing
Chapter 11 Ord Amendment Hearing (2)
Chapter 23 Ord Amendment
Liquor License Renewal
2018 Budget and Property Tax Levy
Utility Rates
Street Plan-PH
51st Ave/Frontage-PH
Firehouse Park Area-PH
Firehouse Park Area-PH
Special Assessments-PH
Planning Case No. 17-17
Planning Case 17-15
Planning Case 17-16
Planning Case 17-21
Planning Case 17-18
Planning Case 17-20
Beer & Wine License-PH
Project No. 999
Amend City Code Chp 102-PH
Redevelopment Project Hearing
Damascus Way Hearing
Tennant Hearing
Douglas Drive Hearing

Notice of Sales

February 20 New Hope
February 20 Golden Valley Sale
February 15 Sale
February 21 Brooklyn Park
February 13 Crystal
February 14 New Hope
January 25 Brooklyn Park Sale
January 23 Golden Valley Sale
January 17 Brooklyn Park Sale
January 16 New Hope
December 20 Crystal
December 20 Brooklyn Park Sale
December 19 New Hope
December 19 Golden Valley Sale
December 15 Crystal
New Hope Central Storage
November 21 Golden Valley Sale
November 22 Brooklyn Park
November 14 Crystal
November 7 Crystal
October 27 Xylon Ave N
October 27 Lakeland Ave N
October 27 73rd Ave N
October 27 36th Ave N
October 27 Winnetka Ave N


Ordinance No. 2018-1128
Ordinance No. 630
Ordinance No. 18-01
Ordinance No. 2018-01
Ordinance No. 17-16
Ord 2017-07
Ord 628 xcel energy
Ord 629 Centerpoint Energy
Ordinance No. 17-15
Ordinance No. 2017-06
Ord 17-11, 17-12, 17-13
Ord 2017-1222
Ord 2017-1223
Ordinance No. 2017-1220
Ordinance No. 2017-1221
Ord 625 5509 Lindsay
Ord 626 1611 Lilac
Ordinance No. 2017-05
Ordinance 17-09 & 17-10


Mrozia Steven
Swanson Estate
Wiehle Gerald

Public Notices

Wirth Lake Aerator Operation
Wischermann Hospitality-Dissolution
Midtown Hotel Employer, LLC-Dissolution
Dissolution of Odyssey Charter
Non- Discrimination Policy