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SV Parking Lot BIDS
Tennis Courts & Ice Rink BIDS
2019 Infrastructure Improvements
West Shoreline Improvement BIDS
2019 Mill & Overlay BIDS
Water Storage Tank-BIDS
Group Insurance BIDS
Group Insurance Coverage
Wildwood Ave. Watermain-BIDS
Insurance BIDS
Medical Ins Proposals
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Insurance BIDS
9580 Orchard Road-BIDS
2018 Infrastructure BIDS
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2018 Mill and Overlay Bids
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Conrad Ave Reconstruct Bids
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Certificates of Assumed Name

AdvantEdge Financial Strategies
SCL Fiction Publications
Ridgeview Le Sueur Clinic
Winchester and Rye
Dog House Bar
Schulze Design
Ruby's Riches
Countryside Veterinary Clinic
Countryside Veterinary Clinic
First America Law
Turbo Nails Spa
IFOC Central Minnesota Chaplain Corps
The 101 Marketing and Media
CoreGenX IT Solutions
BC Homes
Because Earth
Thom Agency
American Thom Agency
Artistic Visions Cabinetry Company
Because Earth
Twigs and Trinkets
C W Refinishing
C & C Outfitters
Philp Family Dentistry Waconia
Brooke's Travel
Muskie Tamer
XO, Erica
TopView Imaging
Fitness Solutions
Traver Wellness
CP Partnership
AMP Digital Agency
Tazzie Baby & Child
Tazzie Baby & Gifts
Lake Country Gifts
Craft & Color Home Repair
Homeview Realty
Legacy Health Insurance Agency
Crosspointe Tech Services


Assessment Notice
February 26 Minutes
February 19 Minutes
February 12 Minutes
Feb 4 Minutes
January 22 Minutes
February 4 Minutes
Construction of New Water Tower
January 7 Meeting Minutes
January 8 Regular Minutes
2019 Summary Budget
December 26 Special Minutes
December 11 Regular Minutes
December 17 Minutes
2019 Budget Summary
December 3 Minutes
November 27 Regular Minutes
December 4 Regular Minutes
2019 Budget
November 19 Meeting Minutes
Solicitors Permit - Susan Pauling
November 13 Minutes
November 8 Meeting Minutes
October 23 Reg meeting minutes
October 15 Meeting Minutes
October 9 Minutes
October 1 Minutes
Election Notice
Public Testing of Voting Equip.
Election Notice
Notice of Election
NOtice of General Election/ballot
Notice of Municipal Election
September 20 Minutes
Election Notice
Accuracy Test
Sample ballot
September 17 Minutes
Edward Jones Solicitors Permit
September 4 Minutes
September 11 Minutes
July 20 Special Minutes
August 28 Regular Minutes
August 20 Minutes
August 16 Rgular Minutes
July 11 Minutes
July 16 Regular Minutes
Meeting Date Change
August 6 Minutes
2017 TIF Districts


Public Accuracy Test
Eradicate Noxious Weeds
2017 Annual Meeting

Financial Statements

2019 Budget Summary
Buffalo Creek Watershed Budget
2017 Financials (1)
2017 Financials (2)
2017 Financials
2017 Financials (2)
2017 NYA Audit/Financial Report
2018 Budget Summary

Mortgage Foreclosures

Hoover 3/21-4/25 56 13th St E
Hellerud-Schuth 3/21-4/25 415 st Street
Fuhrer 3/14-4/18 2259 Clover Field Dr
Cook Jeffrey
Cervilla, 2/28-4/4, 650 Carver Beach Rd
Hammers, 2/21-3/28, 216 4th Street W
White, 2/7-3/14, 433 Oak Street S
Brooks, 2/7-3/14, 1955 Woodstone Dr
Marks, 1/10-2/14, 1612 Hackberry Ct
White 12/20-1/24 433 Oak St S
Arrieta 11/8-12-13 106 1st Street NW
Arrieta 11/1-12-6 106 1st Street NW
Ferris 10/25 11/1-29 Allegheny Grove BVD
Block 8/30-10/6 6903 Highover Dr
Drury 8/30-10/4 2247 Clover Field Dr
Phillips 8/30-10/4 974 Woodview Cr
Peterson 8/2-9/6 9215 Morgan Ln
Udeani 8/2-9/6 8450 Gallery Pky
Pletsch Calvin
Molva 7/26-8/30 24 2nd Ave SW
Burton Diane
Drury 6/7-7/12 2247 Clover Field Dr
Dvorak 5/10-6/14 350 Campfire Curve
Johnson 5/3-6/7 2023 Stahlke Way
Lehr Properties
Welter Trista
Johnson David 4/5-5/10 2023 Stahlke Way
Juneau 3/29-5/3 470 Arnica Dr
Kraml 3/29-5/3 1304 Benton Creek Ave
Jaspers 3/29-5/3 517 Casper Circle
Reedy 3/22-4/26 1509 Millpond Ct
Robinson Michael
Tester Larry
Robb 1/25-3/1 1925 Edgewater Pl
Johnson David 1/18-2/22 2023 Stahlke Way
McCullough 11/16-12/21 1105 Heather Lane
King Jr. 10/12-11/16 1385 Wildflower Ln

Notice of Court Hearings

Chapman Nevaeh
Ayala Amilcar
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
Peck Susan- Trust
Selzer Hearing
Dittmer vs Waits
Schepers Trust

Notice of Public Hearing

Williams VAR-PH
Zoning Code Text Amendment
Tacoma West Industrial Park
CUP Air Products
Variance Air Products
Legacy Heights Plat
Ordinance Amend-PH
2040 Comp Plan PHN
Draft 2040 Comp Plan
Mackenthun CUP - PHN
2040 Comprehensive Plan
2040 Plan-PH
Wasser Appeal for Variance
Heldt/Penegor Appeal for Variance
2040 Comp Plan-PH
CUP 861 Vista Blvd-PH
Tim Geyen Prelim Plat Chapter 152
IUP Temporary Mobile Home
CUP Permanent Farm-Related House
Small Cities Development Program
Ordinance Amendment Section 200.03
Resolution #2019-04
U of M Traffice Regulation Ord
January 14 Amend Chapt 2 City Code
CUP Audit Findings
CUP Main Street E-PH
Zone Text-PH
2019 Improve-PH
Amend MUB-I PH
Chapter 52 Sewage Treatment Systems-PH
Chapter 56 Sewage Treatment-PH
Chapter 52 Subsurface Sewage Treatment
Chapter 56 Subsurface Sewage Treament
Fee Schedule-PH
Zone Text 150-X PH
Property Tax
Amend Chapter 12 of City Code PH
Burmeister -PH
Ordinance Amendment 2019 Fee Schedule
Subdivide Golden Valley Land Company PH
Rezoning Golden Valley Land Co. PH
November 29 Planning Commission PH
Delinquent Charges for Service PH
2018 Infrastructure Improvement Project
Ordinance No. 88-2018
Approving MNDOT Project 1012-24-PH

Notice of Sales

January 11 Sale
January 12 Sale
Kenwood Finance/First Choice Marine
November 2 Sale
October 15 Sale
2010 Ford Fusion
Meier Cindy
Johnson Tasha
July 7 Oelfke
May 15 Sale
March 7 Auction
February 10 Sale

Order to Show Cause

1200 Lakeview Drive LLC
Reverse Mortgage vs Beucler-OTSC
Link Michael


Ordinance No. 317
Ordinance No. 318
Ordinance 316
Ordinance No. 2019-01
Ordinance No. 411
Ordinance No. 412
Ordinance No. 720
Ordinance No. 150-Y
Ordinance NO. 2018-2
Ordinance NO. 2018-3
Ord 314 2019 Fee Schedule
Ordinance 410 Fee Schedule
Ordinance NO. 313
Ordinance NO. 716
Ordinance No 160
Ordinance No. 717
Ordinance 311 Commercial Exterior Wall
Ordinance 312 Residential Fences
Ordinance No. 310
Ord 308
Ord 307
Ordinance No.1
Ord 306
Xcel Energy Franchise Agreement-PH
Ordinance No. 159
Northern States Power Ord 309
Northern States Power Ord 309 (2)
Ord 304
Ordinance No. 301
Ordinance No. 302
Ordinance No. 303
Ord 713
Ordinance No. 407
Ordinance No. 408
Ord 299
Ord 406
Ordinance No. 299
Ordinance NO. 300
Ord 298 Antenna Towers
Ordinance No. 405
Ord 297
Ord 711 Fee Schedule
Resolution 17-26
Ord 157
Ord 158
Ordinance 294
Ordinance No. 709


Marks PP1 3/7 1612 Hackberry Ct
Udeani PP1 10/4 8450 Gallery Pky
Barnes PP1 9/13 71998 Frontier Tr


Carey John
Carlson, Corinne J Estate
Homan Maria
Heath, Steven C.
Davis Timothy
Siewert, Lori B
Kempfert Todd
James Motzko
Hahn Thomas
O'Brian John
Hammers Joseph
Sudheimer Mary
Estate of John Edward O'Brian
Estate of James R. Motzko
Estate of Thomas M. Hahn
Arnold Jacobson Estate
Klein Marcella
Abrahamson Jon
Estate of James A. Kennedy
Vanderlinde Richard
Heuer Dale
Lehmiller Gregor
Bauer Herbert
Falk Estate
Roth Estate
Potter Elmer
Paul Estate
Connolly Jr James
Vanderlinde Richard
Prchal Estate
Zenk Thomas
Veldey Estate
Doppler Estate
Popelka Jolanda
Wolter Debra
Foty Charles
White Judith
Gordon Estate
Gothmann Estate
Pickering Keith
Seibert Estate
Salden Jeanne
Dietz Joshua
Dietz Joshua
Pickering Nathalie
Klaustermeier Estate
Kautz James
Kassulker Kent
Nowak Justin-Amended
Casper Estate

Public Notices

Annual Meeting
Treasurer Position
Annual Meeting Notice
Aeration System Benton Lake
RIOU Operating 2
RIOU Prpperty 1 LLC
RIOU Operating 1 LLC
RIOU Property 2
Annual Meeting Notice
FEMA City of Waconia-Carver County, Min
Solicitation & Procedures Motion
Buffalo Creek Watershed
Metro Anesthesia Care
Annual Board Meeting
Filing Notice
Annual Meeting Notice

School Board

January 28 Regular Minutes
January 28 Regular Minutes
6 Finalist Superintendent Position
January 14 Org Minutes
January 28 Spec Minutes
January 14 Reg Minutes
Interview Meeting 2.21.19
Interview Meeting 2.25.19
Interviews 2.28.19
December 17 Reg Meetings
December 17 Regular Mintues
December 18 Special Session
December 10 Regular Minutes
November 26 Regular Minutes
November 26 Regular Minutes
January 3 Meeting Notice
November 13 Regular Minutes
October 8 Regular Mintues
October 22 Special Minutes
October 22 Regular Minutes
November 12 Regular Minutes
October 22 Regular Minutes
2018-2019 Budget
September 10 Regular Minutes
September 24 Special minutes
September 24 Regular Meetings
Notice of General Election
Notice of Special Election
Notice of General Election
August 27 Regular Minutes
July 23 Regular Minutes
August 27 Regular Minutes
August 6 Regular Minutes