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District Renovations BIDS
Street Improvement BIDS
2019 Street Improvements
Bus Facility Improvement BIDS
Health Insurance BIDS
Turn Lane Improvement-BIDS
Brick Pond-BIDS
Oakhill Well-BIDS
2nd Avenue Drainage Improvements
Pavement Rehabilitation
Health Insurance BIDS
Woodland Park Project BIDS
Cobble Hill
Vehicle for Sale 2014 Chev Tahoe
Roof Projects BIDS
Auditing Services BIDS
Accounting Services BIDS
Legal Services BIDS
Engineering Consulting Services BIDS
Benefit Administration Proposal
Engineering Consulting Services
Legal Services
Auditing Services
Accounting Services
1986 OakB Manufactured Home
Whispering Pines Windows-BIDS
Pioneer Park Restroom Bids
Sidewalk Rehab BIDS
City Hall/Police Improvement BIDS
Vets Parking Lot-BIDS
Marylane Draiage Improv. BIDS
St. Croix Rec Center Bids
Briar Pond Sprinkler Project-BIDS
Project 2018-09 Bids
Palmer Station St./Utility Impro.BIDS
Street Improvement BIDS
HUD Program Service Proposals
Agri Society-Olympia Steel Blds-BIDS
Floor Finish Replacement BIDS
Pavement Rehab-BIDS
Agricultral Society Bldg Bids
Palmer Street Bids
Agricultral Society Bldg Bids
Trailside Roof Replacement Bids
Fairgrounds Repave-BIDS
2018 Infrastructure Improvements Bids
Heritage Preservation Commission
Mill & Lay Overlay Project-BIDS
Sunnyside Sanitary Lift-BIDS

Certificates of Assumed Name

Mead Eyecare & Eyewear
Putman Planning & Design
MakerWorks Studio
Americas Buffalo
Putman Design Studio
St. Croix AdvoCare
L & L Carpet
Reliable Business Solutions, LLC
Wausau Homes Stillwater
Midwest Associations of Spanish Language
FamilyMeans Financial Solutions
Capture Your Photos
Cardinal Kids
Cardinal Psychotherapy & Coaching
ETS Pro Lab
Sally Manzara Interpretive Nature Center
Post Acute Innovation
Hugo Estates
Rieser Spine
Badgerland National Products
The Nutty Squirrel
DCI Specialty Contracting
Beulke Insurance Agency
Childrens Dress Factory
J.P. Tacheny Roofing & Siding Inc assume
Praml Market Research
Mythical Menagerie
Forbush Health
Weight Loss & Massage
HealthMax Progressive Medicine
Master Odor Removal
X-Golf Woodbury
A Healing Hand Massage & Bodywork
The Minnesota Generals
Ridgecrest Apartments
Hafner Properties
Pizzeria Pezzo
Pizzeria Pezzo Woodbury
pictures over stillwater
Midwest Exteriors MN
Project Advisory Services LLC
Midwest Exteriors of Mpls.
St. Croix Valley Segway
This is Mai Fit!
NuTech Scientific


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February 11 Joint Board Meeting
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2017 Annual Disclosure Statement
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Public Accuracy Test
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2019 Annual Action Plan
Closed Executive Session Notice
January 15 Closed Executive Meeting
January 15 Finance Committee Meeting
Block Grant Proposal
South Washington Watershed Notice
Valley Branch Watershed Applications
Finance Committee Meeting
Brown's Creek Watershed Vacancies
2017 TIF 2-2 District
2017 TIF District
Briar Pond Trim Repairs
Ann Bodlovick Trim Repairs and Paints
Annual Action Plan
Vacancy Marine St Croix
April 25 Meeting Notice
2016 2017 Amend AAP FONSI
Release of Funds
South Watershed District Vacancy
Home Investment Partnership
Joint Workshop
January 16 Finance Committee Meeting
December 19 Closed Executive Session
December 19 Closed Session Meeting
Libby Real Estate Notice
November 21 Closed Session Meeting

Financial Statements

2019 Budget Summary
2019 Budget Summary
2017 Annual Disclosure
2017 Summary Financial Report
2017 Financial Statements
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Mortgage Foreclosures

Fure Kathryn
Foster Stephen
Burridge, Jeffrey L.
Vonriedel Kevin
Urasa Nora
Hendricks, Tosha and Scot
Riemenschneider Nathan
Anderson Andrea
Schotl Barbara
Hade Sean
Lupelow Christina
Deer Run HOA
Johnson Charles III
Coffey Kevin
Miller Justin
Duru Ijeoma
Marquez 4/27-6/1 465 Meadow Ln
Ritacca 4/20-5/25 3919 Oxford Dr
Jessen 3/30-5/4 8597 Imperial Ave S
Merchants Bank/Cottage Grove
Koski Daniel
Stiner LaRae
Fenlon Dennis
Masterman Gary
Masterman Gary
Douglass Mark
Sparrow Gene

Notice of Court Hearings

Larson Edgar
Hargis Mark AMENDED Trust
Garbe Paul- Trust
Belisle Rosemary TRUST
Roufs vs Roufs
State Mn vs Alfveby
Nicholas Robert- Trust
Rose vs Parrish
Williams Trust
Donohue Shirley
Girard vs Bergstrom
Nyman Mark- Trust
Nemitz Robert-Trust
Larson Edgar

Notice of Public Hearing

Birchwood Landing-PH
Project 2019-02, LI 426
CPC 2019-07- PH
CPC 2019-09- PH
CPC 2019-05-PH
CPC 2019-08- PH
Miller Permit-PH
Zoning Ordinance-PH
Amend Income Hosuing Tax-PH
CUP Redbox Holiday Station Store
Comp Plan - PH
CUP Type C Short Term Home Rental
CUP Linden Seasonal Outdoor Business
Mark Guenther City Zoning Code
Short Term Home Rental Ordinance
CUP Setback Reduction Peller Ave N
Variance 16028 5th Street S
Thompson Design Permit
661 Quixote Ave N-PH
2179 River Road-PH
February 4 Sidewalk Improvement PH
January 22 Midnight Real Estate LLC
Anderson Dale-PH
Konigson -PH
CVII Holdings-PH
February 19 Revision Housing Choice
Case No. 2018-66
VAC DU Easement-PH
Council Training
Proposed Vacation 485 Quinlan Ave S
Comp Plan -PH
Lorenz 14860 Upper 55th Street PH
2018-14 Small Cell Wireless
Stritch VAR-PH
December 3 PH
VAR PH November 26
CUP Used Car Dealership 44 St. Croix Trl
CUP BP Autos
Unpaid Water Utility PH
Proposed Assessment to Property Taxes PH
Personnel Committee Mttg 11/20
Just for Me Spa-PH
Barton James-PH
Stillwater Skin CUP

Notice of Sales

Sheriff's Auction 4/9
March 12 Lake Elmo
February 12 Lake Elmo
January 8 Lake Elmo
Bicycles and Misc.Sale
November 13 Lake Elmo
October 9 Lake Elmo
September 11 Lake Elmo
Holiday Rambler
August 14 Lake Elmo Sale
May 19 Sale
1999 Jayco Trailer
Fjelstad Donna-Sale
Trailer/Boat Sales
Amos Lance Sale
2003 Saturn Vue
October 28 Memorial Ave N
October 28 Hudson Rd
October 28 Wooddale Dr

Order to Show Cause

Burns v Snow
Fenlon Dennis-OTSC
OTSC Keller W. Scott
OTSC Certificate of Title 57984
Schoten Justin-OTSC
Seracki Pamela-Summons
Ciegler Rise
Backen OTSC


Ordinance No. 869S
Ordinance NO. 870S
Ordinance NO. 1120
Ordinance 1121
Ordinance NO. 184
Ordinance 201-102-10
Ord 868
Ord 1116 - Liquor Summary Resolution
Ordinance NO.1117
Ordinance No. 1119
Ordinance No. 1115
Ordinance 1114
Ordinance No 1113
Ord 180 Zoning Maps
Ord 181
Ord 182
Ord 1111
Ord 1110
Ord 1112
Ord 2018-202-09
Ord 2018-401-08
Ord 1107
Ordinance No. 1109
Ord 1108
Ordinance No. 1106
Ord 2018-1109-06
Ord 2018-401-07
Ord 177
Ord 179
Ord 1105
Ord 1105 (2)
Ordinance No. 176
Ordinance No. 2018-002
Ordinance No. 1104
Fence Height Adjusment Ord