Advertisement for Bids & Proposals

2019 Street Improvement Project
Quarry BIDS
Magnesium/Calcium BIDS
Pavement Improvements BIDS
2019 Street Improvements
Bus Garage Roof Replacement
Shirley Hills Parking Lot-BIDS
Sanitary Seweer Lining BIDS
2018 Sewer Bids
Snow Removal Bids
2018 Drainage Improvements-BIDS
Student Built Tiny House-BIDS
Mill & Overlay Project BIDS-02-18
2018 Seal Coat Bids
Field #1 Expansion Bids
Old Crystal Bay Road Bids
Janitorial Cleaning Services BIDS
Pavement Rehab-BIDS
Health/Welfare Benefits Proposals
IT Equipment Sale Bids
2018 Street Improvement BIDS
Leaf Street Improvements
Tile Rebid2
2018 Street Utility Improvement Bids
Magnesium/Chloride Application-BIDS
Gravel BIDS
Lift Station Improv/Sewer BIDS
Transitions Plus Remodel-BIDS
Westedge Blvd Utility Reconstruction
Mound Area Improv.-BIDS
Benefits BIDS
SCBA Fire Dept Bids
Tile Rebid
Shirley Hills Gym Floor Bids

Certificates of Assumed Name

M3 Custom Creations
Bob Israel Photography
KA Video Creations
Hickford Health Partners
TigerMountain Guitars
Unplugged Technology Inc
WWS Trading
Abiding Peace Christian Counseling Cente
Giver Goddess Goods
Bistodeau Enterprises, Inc
Janet Linda Beddini
3 Lupitas
Christmas With You


Board of Appeal Notice
Open Book Meeting
Board of Appeal
Wellhead Protection Plan
February 11 Meeting Notice
Truth in Taxation Special Meeting
Notice of General Election
Accuracy Test
Election Notice
Notice of General Election/Ballot
Public Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
General Election Notice
Notice of General Election
Public Accuracy Test
Notice of General Election
Notice of General Election
Sample Ballot
Accuracy test
Election Notice
Election Notice
Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
Sample Ballot
Accuracy Test
2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Annual Disclosure Statement
Primary Election Notice
Public Accuracy Test
Notice of Public Accuracy Test
2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Disclosure Statement
Accuracy Test
Primary & Special Election Notice
Accuracy Test Notice
Ord 2018-02
Election Notice
Public Accuracy Test
Sample Ballots
Primary Election
Puclic Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
Public Accuracy Test
Election Notice
Public Accuracy Test
Accuracy Test
Election Notice
Election Notice
Election Sample Ballot
Filing Notice

Financial Statements

2019 Budget Summary
2019 Budget Summary
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements (2)
2017 Annual TIF Disclosure
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements (2)
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements (2)
2017 Financial Statements
2017 Financial Statements (3)
2017 Financial Statements (2)
2017 Liquor Store Budget
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Notice of Court Hearings

Statement of Damages Quote

Notice of Public Hearing

VAC Rebecca Rd-PH
Ordinance Repeal Section 5-PH
IUP Volkenant/Ordinances
March 18 - PH
Bridge Investments - Office/Multi-Family
March 12 PH
Garage Height & Green Roofs-PH
Chapter 5 Amendments-PH
Kromenhoek Variance
City Project 01-19
Haven Homes-PH
VAC Woodland Cove-PH
Land Use Applications February 19
February 7 PH - Roering
February 12 Luse - PH
January 15 PH
January 22 Easement Vacation
January 22 Land Use Apps PH
Sherwood Drive
Windsor Road
Kildare Road
Lake West-PH
Mound Harbor 2nd Addition PH
December 18 PH
January 3 PH
Moroatorium on green roof Credits-PH
Aeration Warning
Zone Amend-PH
Tonka Ventures-PH
December 11-PH
Ordinance No. 456- 2019 Fee Schedule
Markson VAR-PH
Land User Applications-PH
Comp Plan-PH
November 1 PH
2040 Comp Plan -PH
2040 Comp Plan
Amend CUP 5293 Shoreline Dr-PH
Knudsen 1928 Beach Lane-PH
October 15-PH
Assessment Hearing
Assessment Notice-Hazardous Bldg-PH
Assessment Billing-PH
Assessment Hearing (2)
Lynwood Fairview Hearing
Wilshire Maywood Hearing
Tuxedo Blvd Hearing
Tonka Brew-PH

Notice of Sales

April 10 - Tonka Self Storage Long Lake
February 13 Long Lake
January 21 Sale
Tonka December 12 Sale
November 5, 8 Sale
October 10 Long Lake
2002 Chevrolet Cavalier
Water tanks/Wood Crate
September 2 Sale
August 8 Sale
July 23 Sale
June 13 Long Lake
February 14 Long Lake
January 23 Mound Sale
December 13 Long Lake
November 28 Sale
1996 Ford Ranger
2002 Subaru


Ordinance No. 122 2nd
Ordinance No. 123, 2nd
Ordinance No. 2019-1
Ordinance NO. 301
Ordinance NO. 302
Ordinance No. 121
Ordinance 562
Ordinance No. 300
Ordinance 2018-03
Ordinance NO. 120
Ordinance NO. 2018-05
Ordinance NO. 2018-06
Ordinance 2019 Fee Schedule
Ordinance 218 Mayor's Term of Office
Ordinance 221 Municipal Zoning Code
Ordinance 298
Ordinance 299
Ordinance NO. 18-04
Ordinance NO. 456
Ordinance No. 04-2018
Ord No. 18-03
Ordinance NO. 216
Ordinance No. 454-PH
Ord 214
Ordinance No 213 Summary
Ordinance No. 119
Ordinance No. 561
Ordinance No. 03-2018
Ordinance No. 2018-03
Ordinance No. 2018-02
Ordinance No. 118
Ordinance No. 558
Ordinance No. 557
Ordinance No. 559
Ordinance No. 560
Ordinance 02-2018
Ord 208
Summary Ord 211
Ordinance NO. 297
Ord 209
Ord 206
Ord 453
Ordinance No. 2018-01
Ord 206
Ordinance No. 295
Ordinance No. 296
Ordinance NO. 205 3rd Series
Ordinance No. 01-2018


Warmsley Jerry Sr
Weiser Elaine
Masters James Estate
Rothman Estate
Hanson Douglas
Monsrud Terry
Beck Dorothy
Latterner John
Jordal Estate

Public Notices

Pabs Packs Dissolution
Citizens for Education-Dissolution
Mature Voice Mn. Dissolve
Truth in Taxation
Womens MBAs MSP- Dissolve
Students Today Leaders Forever-Dissolve
Annual meeting
Treatment Aquatic Invasive Species
FEMA City Minnestrista
Luv Me Again Animal Rescue-Dissolution
Lilac Ln-Orono
Luv Me Again Animal Rescue-Dissolution
Verizon-Maple Lane
City of Orono FEMA Flood Hazard
City of Minnetrista FEMA Flood Hazard

School Board

February 25 Regular Minutes
March 4 Special Minutes
February Minutes
February 11 Reg Minutes
December 10 Regular Minutes
January 14 Organizational Minutes
January 28 Regular Minutes
January 7 Meeting Minutes Org
January 7 Meeting Minutes Reg
December 10 Regular Minutes
November 26 Minutes
October 22 Regular Meeting Minutes
November 12 Regular Board Meeting
October 8 Regular Board Minutes
2018-2019 Budget
2018-2019 Budget
September 24 Regular Minutes
October 8 Regular Minutes
2017-2018 Revenues and Expenditures
September 17 Regular Minutes
September 10 Abatement Hearing
September 10 Regular Minutes
August 20 Minutes
August 20 Minutes (2)
August 28 Special Minutes
August 20 Minutes
June 6 Regular Minutes
July 27 Special Minutes
Tax Abatement-PH
July 16 Minutes
June 4 Minutes
May 14 Minutes
June 1 Minutes
May 7 Minutes
April 23 Regular Minutes
April 9 Regular Minutes
April 9 Minutes
March 12 Minutes
March 19 Minutes
Tax Abatement
March 12 Minutes
February 26 Minutes
February 12 Minutes
February 12 Minutes
January 8 Minutes
January 8 Minutes
December 11 Minutes
December 11 Minutes
November 13 Regular Minutes
November 13 Regular minutes


Mt. Shasta Forest v Thai A. Xiong
Wynkoop vs Pettit