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2019 Street Pavement Maintenance Project
State Aid Street Improvements
2019 Street Improvements
Group Health Insurance BIDS
2019 Street Maintenance Project
Sanitary Sewer & Water Main Improv- BIDS
Elementary Building Renovations
2019 Tennis Court Reconstruction
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Street Reconstruction BIDS
2018 Elementary Pavement Bids
Pavement Project BIDS
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2018 Street Maintenance Bids
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Certificates of Assumed Name

Royal Rebel Salon
Sola Publishing Company
Sola Publishing Co
Beyond Heating and Air LLC
Forest Lake Endodontics
Happy Tails Grooming
Whiskey River Accents
Anderson's Mechanical Services
NeuroCentric Chiropractic
Greg's Embroidery
Naturo Path Wellness, LLC
Twin Cities Contract Cleaning Cert of Assumed Name
Tim Hortons
Oasis Wellness Center
Belair Company Services
Small Engine Specialists
Forest Lake Marine
Specialty Contracting Services
Withrow Events
Mad Props Studio
Presque Isle Marketing
The Wooly Loon
Story of Us Films
Casamigos Mexican Restaurant
Spectrum Analytics
enliven cacao


City Council Workshop Schedule
Board of Appeal
Draft EAW Notice
EDA Special Meeing Notice
2019 Budget Summary
2019 Summary Budget
Resolution 12-10-18-05
Sheilds Aeration Notice
Aeration Warning Shields
Steinke Variance
Road Improvement Meeting Notice
2018 General Election Ballot
Public Accuracy Test
Notice of General Election
Schedule Change
General Election/Ballot
Election Notice
Hydrant Flushing
Resolution 09-10-18-02 Conduit NLA
Resolution 09-10-18-03
2019 Budget Workshop
Centerville Lions Liquor Hearing
2017 Annual Disclosure
Public Accuracy Test
Filing for Candidacy
2017 Drinking Water Report
Assessment Notice
Property Assessments
Board of Appeal
February 27 Joint Workshop Meeting
Shields Aeration Warning
Neighboorhod Meeting
Neighborhood meeting


2019 Aeration Public Notice
Vacancy Appointment
Personnel Committe Meeting-Quote
Vacancy Notice Coon Creek Watershed
Aeration Notice

Financial Statements

2019 Budget Summary
2017 TIF Reports
2017 Summary Financial Report
2018 Budget Summary

Mortgage Foreclosures

Moseng Ronald
Sartell Ronald
Coursolle Joseph
Sherlock Brian
Enright 3/14-4/18 6035 48th St N
Husnick 3/14-4/18 684 N Shore Dr
Vang 3/14-4/18 3206 Juniper Cir #C
Burridge Jeffrey
Brown, Kenneth W.
Cabassa, Adrian
Rodriguez, Thomas
Dhaemers 3/7-4/11 7097 Robinwood Bay
Peck, 3/7-4/11, 8690 Quarry Ridge Ln
Moen, 2/28-4/4, 491 North Shore Drive
McGrane 2/28-4/4 6594 Upper 35th St N
Hanson Olivia
Wegge, Jeffrey A and Jodi L
Evans Chad
Vested Real Estate
Fulin Anthony
Soderline Dallas
Gullberg 2/21-3/28 6264/6266 40th St N
Peterson Linda
Hirman 2/21-3/28 6520 77th St S
Maclean, 2/21-3/28, 400 Hardwood Lane
Hoffbeck Fredrick
Quist, Mary Ellen
Schmitz Ariel
Preuss Tamera
Schesel, James J.
Kemper, Robert F
Craft Jeffrey
Luster, 2/7-3/14, 9240 79th Street S
Degendorfer, 2/7-3/14, 9779 Dunes Ave S
Kuchnicki, 2/7-3/14, 9867 Heath Ave S
Hanson Olivia
Vang 1/31-3/7 8084 Jergen Ave S
Barott, 1/31-3/7, 6054 27th Street N
Zabok, 1/31-3/7, 1770 Majestic Pines Trl
Hoffbeck, Fredrick and Linda
Schmidt, Alyssa
Anderson James
Quist Mary
Brown, Shannon
Johnson, Derek E.
Ashton, 1/17-2/21, 725 6th Street N
Tejan Edweader
Wieland Dustin
Bartley, Jodi E
Hirman, 1/17-2/21, 6520 77th Street S

Notice of Court Hearings

CUP DLW Properties, LLC

Notice of Public Hearing

Running Aces Liquor License-PH
Vacation of Ponding and Flowage Easement
Waterwater Facilities Plan-PH
Waldoch IUP-PH
Whitney IUP-PH
February 13 Urban Stormwater PH
Shoreland Ordinance-PH
Dog Kennel-PH
Zoning Code Public Design-PH
January 23 2019 EDA Goals
January 23 Drainage & Utility Easement
Variance Pribyl Prib Capital LLC
VAR Bachler-PH
Hiinders Heart- PH
Cherry Hill VAR-PH
Truth in Taxation Hearing
Povolny -Potomac Residential Zoned-PH
CUP-Lakes International Language
Prelim Plat Howard Lake Development PH
Variance Howard Lake Development
CUP Howard Lake Development
Chapter 7E Zoning Code PH
Proposed Assessment PH
Sign- 6101 Scandia Tr-PH
FL MS sign CUP
Assessment PH
Joshua Markum Builders PH
21183 Everton Avenue N PH
Notice of General Election
Bay Dr. SE NOH
Shoreview One Prelim-PH
Gander Outdoor-PH
Peterson PH
Forest Lake/LILA PH
TIF District JP ecommerce PH
Hraba IUP Public Hearing
Fondant Ave Variance
Henna Ave Variance
Iverson Ave Variance
Bay Drive SE Appeal
Furrer Trustee Hearing
Pribyl CUP Hearing
Prib Capital Prelim Hearing
Tolzman- Cherry Hill- PH
Commercial Showroom-PH
Chollett Merle-PH
Legacy Apartments Hearing
North Lakes Academy Hearing
North Shore Trail Hearing

Notice of Sales

March 28 Sale
March 28 Sale
March 12 Forest Lake
March 12 Wyoming
2009 Imco Livefloor Trailer
February 28 Sale
January 31 Sale
January 24 Wyoming
January 24 Forest Lake
December 19 Wyoming Sale
December 19 Forest Lake Sale
November 29 Wyoming
November 29 Forest Lake
November 29 Sale
November 1 Sale
October 25 Sale
1980 Honda Custom Sale
September 8 Auction Sale
August 30 Sale
September 4 Auction
August 9 Sale
July 12 Sale
Unit 339
Unit 526
Unit 143
Unit 824
Unit 240
Unit 920
Unit 246
Unit 221
Unit 827
Unit 810
Unit 748
Unit 513
Unit 816
Unit 617
Unit 339
Unit 810
Unit 240
Unit 617
Unit 827
Unit 824
Unit 816
Unit 221
Unit 513
Unit 246
Unit 748
Unit 920
June 20 Sheriffs Sale
June 14 Sale

Order to Show Cause

Bank of America vs Myers
Devitt Jeanette


Ord 687
Ordinance No. 688
Ordinance NO. 173
Ordinance NO. 174
Ordinance No. 2019-01
Ordinance No. 686
Ordinance 18-08
Ordinance NO. 18-07
Oridnance No 18-06
Ordinance 172
Ordinance No. 681
Ordinance No. 684
Ordinance No 683
Ordinance No 682
Ordinance No. 18-04
ORdinance No. 18-03
Ordinance No. 680
Ordinance 679
Ordinance No.678
Ord 677
Ordinance No. 18-02
Ordinance No. 2018-05
Ord 675
Ordinance No. 169
Ordinance No. 170
Ordinance No. 171
Ordinance No. 18-01
Ordinance No. 2018-04
Ordinance No.2018-2
Ordinance No. 674
Ordinance No. 168
Ordinance No. 167
Ordinance No 166
Ordinance NO. 164
Ordinance No. 165
Ordinance No. 2018-03
Ordinance No. 2018-02
Ordinance No. 2018-01
Ordinance No. 2018-01
Ordinance No. 2018-02
Liquor License-PH
Ord 673
Ordinance No 163
Ordinance 17-02
Ord 161


Pierre Jerome PP5
Johnson Derek PP1
Glover 2/14 1991 Racine Ave S PP2
Chaves Kevin PP1
O'Boyle Sharon PP1
Puckett Todd PP1
Nadeau Michael PP1
Joyce, Matthew PP1
Glover 12/27 1991 Racine Ave S
Pierre Jerome PP4
Rabenort PP1 12/20 2601 Hawthorne Ln
Nobello PP3 11/1 16595 3rd Street N
Stromme PP1 12/13 23620 Jensen Ave N
Pierre Jerome PP3
Pierre Jerome PP2
Hoffbeck Fredrick PP1
Stoffel PP2 11/8 7166 Jocelyn Bay S
Pierre Jerome PP1
Schilling Ronald PP2
Nobello PP2 11/1 16595 3rd Street N
Alvarado PP2 11/1 6653 5th St N
Meyer Christopher PP1
Hodsdon PP2 10/11 1346 6th Ave S
Nobello PP1 9/20 16595 3rd Street N
Hubler Ron PP1
Stoffel PP1 8/30 7166 Jocelyn Bay S
Schilling Ronald PP1
Brown PP4 8/9 6830 Pine Crest Tr S
Hodsdon PP1 8/9 1346 6th Ave S
Weidner William PP1
Alvarado PP1 7/26 6653 5th St N
Anderson Colleen PP3
Bergersen PP1 7/5 7635 Carillon Plaza E
Brown PP3 6/28 6830 Pine Crest Tr S
Anderson Colleen PP2
Pratt John PP5 2018
Anderson Colleen PP1
Pratt John PP5
Anderson Colleen PP1
Brodd Jody PP1
Brown PP2 5/17 6830 Pine Crest Tr S
Herrig Steve PP3
Hawkins David PP1
Payne George PP1
Mize Emily PP1
Pratt John PP4
Pearson Patricia PP2
Kaeding Andrew PP2
Chaves Allen PP1
Brown PP1 3/29 6830 Pine Crest Tr S


Policano Marlene
Swanson Dale
Estate of Patricia Mary McCarthy
Bloomquist Matthew
Schleifer Michael
Vincent Estate
Hallen Rose
Johnson Bruce
Erickson Gary
Gilbertson Jeanne
Smith Kathleen
Mayhew Estate
Froehner David

Public Notices

Annual Meeting/Election
Frontier- Forest Lake
2019 Schedule of Regular Meetings
December 26th Meeting Reschedule
Twin Pines Dissolution
Aeration Lake Moody
Disadvantage Business Enterprise
Treatment Notification Notice
Annual Meeting/Election
Aeration Warning
Nondiscrimination Statement
Amend 2012-2021 Watershed Plan
Moody Lake Thin Ice Notice
Verizon Wireless Tower-FL,MN

School Board

February 21 Meeting Minutes
February 7 Reg Mintues
January 24 Work Minutes
January 24 Regular Meeting Minutes
December 20 Minutes
2018-2019 Budget
December 6 Minutes
November 15 Meeting Minutes
November 1 Meeting Minutes
Notice of Special Election
Notice of Election
October 4 Minutes
October 11 Minutes
4053-07 NLA Charter School Review
September 6 Minutes
September 20 Minutes
August 2 Regular Minutes