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LAC Roof Bids
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Stanhope Terrace Reconstruction Bids
Project 17-02 BIDS Rivers Bend Recon
New Elementary Blaine Bids
Asbestos Removal Project
WIOA One Stop Operator Bids
Crooked Lake/Riverwind Bids
Tennis Courts-BIDS
Mosquito Control Proposal
Water Treatment Chemicals-BIDS
Crackseal & Sealcoat BIDS 301-Bids-1804
QCTV City Hall Upgrade-BIDS
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2018 Street Surface BIDS
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Certificates of Assumed Name

Trickle Coin Laundry
Propaws Pet Care Limited Liability Compa
VICO'S Collection
MJ Kissel and Associates LLC
Coastal Outdoor Services
Kasper's Child
Osseo Telecom
The SunSet Grill
Partners Real Estate MN
Hardin Companies
Realty ONE Group Choice
Modern Technologies
Blaine Auto Care & Transmission
Helpful Handyman
cjmueller, Inc.
Suswara Music Academy
Hair Asylum
Minneapolis Lawnworks
Fridley Medical Center
Blaine Medical Center
Pex Hub
Virtual Combat
Bolt Hoffer Boyd Law Firm
Arctic Splash
Big Ben's Welding
Minnesota Mint
Dixie Blue Bar-B-Que
Wholesale Oil
Brotherhood of Boilermakers 647 MC
Mama Jo's Quilting
Papa Murphy's Circle Pines
KE Backman LLC d/b/a Once Upon A Child
Northern Xtremes LLC
PGA REACH Minnesota
Care To Share
MSD Engineering
All-Water Bike
Life Giving Medicine


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Board & Commission Notice
Project No. 18-1
Public Accuracy Test
2018 Primary Election Ballot
Public Notice of Election
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Resolution 17-186
2018 Budget
Special Election
Ordinance No. 2017-34


January 2 Minutes- Organizational
January 2 Minutes-Reports
Regional Trail Amendment
Aeration Notice
MFIP Agreement

Financial Statements

2017 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary
2018 Budget Summary

Mortgage Foreclosures

Honken Erin
Lloyd Christopher 2/16-3/23
Egan Brett
Ahmed Nimo
Kallas 2/16-3/23 1402 109th Ln NW
Braasch 2/16-3/23
Doan-Cremeen Minh
Peterson Marian
Ferrer Hugo 2/16-3/23
Groff Charles
Heider 2/16-3/23 2148 119th Ave NE
Glasow/Meyer 2/16-3/23 11150 Jefferson
Omana-Gonzalez 2/16-3/23 3963 Tyler St N
Mickelson Rosemary
Fox Kasey
Fortier Scott
Connell 2/9-3/16 9047 Polk St NE
Dahir/Hagi 2/9-3/16
Braasch Cody 2/9-3/16
Baucom Barbara
Jorgensen Eric
Trotter 2/9-3/16 615 Maple St NE
Reno 2/9-3/16 2114 Branch Ave
Taiwo Shakiru
Lubinski Donald
Williams 2/2-3/9/18
Neddermeyer Greg
Rose Jon
Anderson Paul
Fredrick Pamela
Baucom John
Connell 2/2-3/9 9047 Polk St NE
Lafavor Laurel
Bouley Eric
Sandin Yvonne 1/26-3/2
Honl-Zmuda Tracy 1/26-3/2/18
Blank Katherine 1/26-3/2
Pendergrass Chad 1/26-3/2/18
Pearson Michelle
Lee 1/26-3/2 8901 Arona Ave
Thomas 1/26-3/2 12108 Drake St NW
Mayville 1/26-3/2 1976 Cardinal Dr
Anderson Heather
Tollefson Evelyn
Rice Christopher
Bothman William
Messerli Donald 1/19-2/23
Neumann Emily
Cascades Townhouse
Thielen Daniel

Notice of Court Hearings

Small vs Simning
Parker/Howard/Gilgenbach Hearing
Haberman vs Haberman OFP
Skjelbred vs Hannes
Lundeen vs Mitchell Harassment
Brown vs Dimitrijevic
Eckenrode Hearing
Booth vs Landers
Mickelson vs Rice
Chase vs Chase
Mikulak vs Black Harassment
Taylor vs Otto Harassment
Westlund vs Neals
Lindgren vs Mellen
Booth vs Landers
Santana vs Rincon
Garcia Hearing
Wagner Virginia
Stark Herman TRUST

Notice of Public Hearing

Urban Stormwater-PH
2017-18 Assessements for Abatement
Amend Ordinance-PH
Waste Hauler Hearing
Amend ORD Fee Sschedule
Variance- Woodhaven-PH
ACHRA Pub Hearing Dates
Peterson/Farb Hearing
Project 18-1
Project No. 18-2
Registered Land Survey-PH
Prelim Plat-PH
CUP Muddy Paws-PH
Prelim Plat Shaws Glen-PH
Turkey Farm-PH
Brookfield 8th Easement-PH
Case 18-0002
Case 18-0001
Case 18-0005
Port Riverwalk TIF District
Road Improvement-PH
Variance Hearing-Food/Lodging
CUP Anoka High School
Zoning Text Amend
Zone Text Amend
Vacation No. V17-07-PH
Easement Vacation-PH
Rum River Prairie Prelim Plat-PH
Ace Solid Waste-PH
Lot Width Hearing
Unnamed Street-PH
100th Avenue-PH
Vacation No. V17-08-PH % Lucy Gray
Vacation No. V17-06-PH
CUP-Early Childhood School-PH
8360 Pierce St NE-PH
VAC Utility Easement- V17-09-PH
CD Properties North Hearing
Mary Ekvall/Shelly Beck Hearing
Magnusen Hearing
Wellhead Protection-PH
Case No 17-0063
Design Flexibility Hearing
RLB Northwest Hearing
Mason Home Company Hearing
City of Coon Rapids Hearing
Coon Rapids Boulevard Hearing
Zilla/Bluebird St Hearing

Notice of Sales

2005 Mercury
March 5 Blaine
March 5 Greenwood Sale
March 4 Sale
Wren- Boat Trailer
February 26 Sale
February 14 Coon Rapids
Dodge Pickup
February 14 Sale
February 6 Sale
February 21 Blaine
2007 MAZDA M3
2000 Chevrolet Malibu
2004 Ford Expedition
1998 Toyota Avalon
2007 Chevrolet Uplander
2008 Ford Escape
2011 Nissan Versa
2006 Chrysler 300
2005 Land Rover/ Range Rover
2004 Acura 3.5
2004 Acura TL
2012 CHRYSLER 200
1995 Honda Civic
2004 Toyota Sienna
2002 Cadillac Deville
2007 Saturn Outlook
2004 BMW 325X1
2013 Kia Rio
2015 Chevrolet Impala
2005 Hyundai Elantra
2015 Chevrolet Impala
2005 Ford Crown Victoria
1998 Saturn SL1
2000 Toyota Camry
Ronin Sale
1978 Harmony Sale
January 22 Sale Unit 18
January 24 Sale
January 19 Sale

Order to Show Cause

Moua/Vang OTSC 1/12-1/19
Carlson OTSC 1/5-1/12/18
Dennis OTSC
Miller OTSC
Suppan OTSC
McCollum OTSC
Chmilowsky OTSC
Carlson Daniel-OTSC
Pat Turner OTSC


Ordinance No. 2203
Ordinance No. 2204
Ordinance No. 2205
Ordinance No. 18-06
Ordinance No. 478
Ordinance No. 479
Ordinance No. 445
Ordinance No. 214
Ord 2018-1685
Ordinance No. 18-2395
Ordinance No. 212F
Ord 477
Ordinanca No. 236 SS
Ord 17-2378
Ord 17-2393
Ord 17-2394
Ordinance No.2017-1684
Resolution 17-173
Ordinance NO. 443
Resolution 2017-45
Ordinance No. 17-13
Ordinance No. 17-14
Ord 444
Ordinance NO. 17-20
Ord 2017-1603
Ordinance No. 17-19
Ordinance No. 17-18
Ordiance No. 2200
Ord 442
Ord 441
Resolution 17-162
Ordinance No. 17-2389
Ord 2198
Ord 2199
Ord 17-2386
Ordinance No. 2017-1682
Ord 17-10
Ordinance 3, 3rd Series
Ordinance No. 45, 3rd Series
Ordinance No. 32 3rd Series
Ordinance No. 202, 2nd Series
Ord 17-2384
Ordinance No. 17-11
Ord 2017-1681
Ord 2195
Ord 2196
Ord 2197


Suhon PP2 2/16 14333 Vermillion St NE
Miller Todd PP1
Bredeken Ronald PP1
McCaustland PP1 2/9
Deason Terry PP1
Porter Marc PP3 716 82nd Ave NE
Binder Tony PP4
Porter Marc PP2 11/3 716 82nd Ave NE
Becka Kenneth PP2
Suhon PP1 1/5 14333 Vermillion St NE
Bickle Jeffrey PP2
Suess Mark PP2
Dhein Randall PP1
Petersen PP2 11/24 12931 Taylor St NE
Binder Tony PP3
Layland Virginia PP2
Clark John PP2
Becka Kenneth PP1
Layland Virginia PP1
Bettinger PP5 11/10 9931 Austin St NE
Porter Marc PP1 11/3 716 82nd Ave NE
Bickle Jeffrey PP1
Suess Mark PP1
Binder Tony PP2
Oman PP1 10/20 4011 8th Ave
Macari Petru PP1
Fritz Jesse PP1


Ellerton Estate
Iverson Ronald
Doboszenski Dawn
Potts Joseph
Kenneally Estate
Lund William- Amended
Minkel Mary
Kerssen Kenneth
Hartman Sr. Estate
Wilford June G3029.01
Larkin Estate
Antisdel Philip
Balgie Estate
Stokke Julie
Flemino Gary
Maldonado Estate
Fritch Robert
Portugue Robert
Layland Virginia
Schleis Nancy
Sundeen Estate
Bauer Estate
Hurner Estate
DeMarais Estate
Scrimshaw Ronald
Justad Timothy
Speiser Estate
Shaw Estate
Chudek John
Karels Gerald
Wright Lucille
Moore Ronald
Sphabmisay Phommavan
Bartholow Estate
O'Brien Nancy
Chudek Judith
Peterson Clifford
Nadeau Estate
Schwagerl Estate
Weiske Estate
Johnson Gloria
Larson Estate
Obert Estate
Gammelin Joanne
Perrozzi Estate
Shallbetter Carol
Helmin Estate
Feigal Estate
Poetschke Estate
Coffin Kimberly

Public Notices

Wrenmax Dissolution
Hilger/Foster Sale
Abandoned Pet
Comment Period Periodic Evaluation