Submitted by Shawn Bauer

Peewees & T-ball Coordinator

After the five-game regular season concluded  with No. 1 seed Blue (4-1) and No. 2 seed Yellow  (4-1) getting byes the first week, the playoffs started in Eitzen with No. 3 seed Silver (3-2) squaring off against No. 6 seed Red (1-4) and this matchup was a nailbiter to the end! The following game was No. 4 seed Green (2-3) versus No. 5 seed Orange (1-4) and this came down to the final out at the plate!

Silver and Red had a battle for the ages when it came down to Kade Meiners smashing a game-winning single to score Jarrett Snodgrass to advance to the following week semifinals! 

Red put up an awesome fight defensively and came up just short losing 16-15. James Nelson, Savannah Venner, and Teagan Ginther had some big hits for the Red team. Red played well all season and the Academy is so proud of them! 

The next game was Orange versus Green and this one came down to little Mary Schieber up with the bases loaded down four and she hit a ball out to right field. 

Winston Peterson and Sawyer Stackhouse worked together on a great relay to get the ball in and throw home and secure a 27-25 victory cementing their place to the semi-finals the following week!

Maci Parochka, Treyjen Burmester, and Waylon and Lavinia Klinski paced the Green team with a plethora of hits, but just came up short on the scoreboard. Green had a great season and the Academy is so proud of the Green team!

On Aug. 4, the Peewees Academy Championship took place and that will be in next week’s paper.

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