Fans of the Warriors and the Vikings can kill two birds with one stone as the Minnesota Vikings are offering the school the chance to sell a few tickets and receive a portion of the ticket sales.

The tickets are to a pair of pre-season games against NFC West foes in August.

“You can come see the Vikings battle the Seahawks and/or the Cardinals in August,” said Caledonia athletic director Scott Sorenson. “Tickets to each game are available for only $20, and a portion of each ticket sold will go back to Caledonia Athletic Boosters.”

The money raised will benefit all of Caledonia’s athletes, not just one specific program.

“The funds raised for this go to various projects such as updating banners when a team wins a title, chalk for the weight room, training room supplies, paint for fields, post season letters and awards, gym wall mats, etc,” Sorenson said. “These funds support every program we offer.”

Dates for the games are August 18 vs. Seattle at 7:00 p.m. and August 24 vs. Arizona, at noon.

Be sure and use promo code “Caledonia” at check out.

Any questions contact Sorenson at the MS/HS.

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