Paul Rit

Paul Rit.

To Caledonia, my family and my friends

These last 10 months have been awesome, so I want to thank you for the opportunity to come to Caledonia, and to everyone who made that year so nice. It was really a great time, I learned about a different way to learn at school and about a new culture.

I want thank the whole Francis and Heather Myhre family for everything they did for me this last 10 months. I want to also thank the Caledonia High School for giving me the chance to play different sports activities and for meeting new friends. I want to thank Lee Grippen from YFU for the work he did to make sure I had a great time.

I know I will always have a place to come in the United States. I will miss Caledonia and all the people that I met during that year, but I hope to come back.

Paul Rit

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