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Dianne Gauger

Interspersed within each life are persons who carry a substance of specific essence separate from obvious purpose. Their presence may surface in any moment of any day. They bring a sustaining grace in any season. Some encounter these beings once in a lifetime, while others happen at diverse intervals throughout life. On many occasions, over the span of my own life, one such exuberant soul is my hairdresser, aka Jeanie Homewood.

For twenty-eight years Jeanie's radiant smile has greeted me each time I arrive for an appointment. Her hands have held the door open at each of the three locations she has worked as a beautician in Caledonia. The same hands steady my walker as I ascend the steps and hold the salon chair to keep from swiveling as I sit down.

Dianne Gauger is a beloved Caledonia local and writer.

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