To the Editor:

Hardworking Minnesotans are sick and tired of political games, and it’s time for Jeremy Miller to stop playing them. I don’t consider myself to be a particularly political or partisan person. I do consider myself to be civic-minded and dedicated to the wellbeing of my community, and so I felt it was time to speak up. As a nurse, I was particularly appalled to hear newly appointed Senate Majority Leader Miller’s comments about Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. Miller signaled that the Senate GOP will do everything in their power to remove her. While Miller and Senate GOP members waste precious time attacking Commissioner Malcolm, she continues to provide consistent and well-informed guidance that those of us in the healthcare industry depend on. Alongside Governor Walz, she has done nothing but support Minnesotans—especially those of us on the frontlines who continue to risk our lives every day throughout this pandemic. Miller is misguided to think that Malcom’s removal will benefit Republicans in the long run. If anything, this further shows how willing they are to continue playing political games instead of making sensible decisions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. And who pays the price for these games? Hardworking health care providers.

Lisa Singer

Winona, Minn.


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