To the Editor

Last week, Mr. Ken Tschumper, from La Crescent wrote an interesting and passionate Letter to the Editor in the Argus stating “Every action taken by Governor Walz to protect Minnesotans from Covid 19 has been consistent with good science and CDC recommendations.”  Yet in his letter Mr. Tschumper fails to use numbers or data that demonstrate how Minnesotans were protected from Covid-19 by the actions and policies of Governor Walz. 

Throughout his Letter to the Editor, Mr. Tschumper failed to mention Governor Walz and MDH’s long-term care facilities policy to readmit Covid-19 positive patients back into those same facilities, exposing our most vulnerable population to the deadly virus.  If “every action” taken by Governor Walz to protect Minnesotans from Covid-19 is “consistent with good science” then, this action and policy should be taken into consideration and examined along with that assertion. 

As of November 24, 2021, there were 4,913 deaths from Covid-19 in Minnesota’s LTC Facilities, according to Minnesota Department of Health.  That number makes up 52.61% of all Covid-19 deaths which occurred in Minnesota.  Those are considerable and alarming statistics when the virus disproportionately impacts individuals over 65 and with pre-existing conditions.  Saying that it is “good science” to readmit Covid-19 patients back into our LTC facilities is questionable, if not dangerous.  

Mr. Tschumper closed out his Letter by calling Jeremy Miller an embarrassment as our state senator, merely for asking that these politicians be held accountable for questionable and dangerous action and policy.  Perhaps the true embarrassment in Minnesota is people just going along with the “good science”, not using their own critical thinking skills, and disregarding the outcomes of actions and policies of our leaders just following the “good science”. 

Terry Scott Niebeling

St. Paul, Minn.


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