The apparent lack of tolerance and grace in many of the comments leveled at Carl Fruechte by some recent writers to the editor lend credence to the validity of the concerns he raises in his letter. The level of finger pointing and recrimination which essentially exhibited an attitude of “shame on you Carl Fruechte” for even raising concerns, was shameful in itself. 

I for one certainly hope that the advisor and members of the now approved Diversity Club exhibit more charity and wisdom. I trust they move forward willing to look at more than one side of any issue. As Carl Fruechte suggested, we should be able to have civil discourse and respectfully “agree to disagree” with those of opposing viewpoints. If so, rather than attempting to shout down and/or shame those we disagree with, we will provide ourselves the opportunity to be more reasoned and settled in the accuracy and validity of our choices in matters of importance both personally and as a society. 

Bruce Bulman

Caledonia, Minn.

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