I write this note in support of Coach Carl Fruechte ... I have nothing to gain or lose in writing this note as I have lived in Caledonia for just a few years, I am a fan of youth sports and all activities that are positive for high school-age kids to be a part of. I have met Coach Fruechte several times and have enjoyed my conversations with him about kids, sports and Christian values. I do not feel that this man needs my support, nor did he ask for it, as I am sure he can speak for himself ... However, I moved from the Chicagoland area where I had worked with and coached kids for years, as well as been involved in a career where I realized that kids that are active and under good guidance are less likely to get into trouble in their community. They  will become good citizens and develop  as great young men and women. 

I read the letter to the editor written  by the Coach as well as each of the responses made by others toward the coach during this past week. I felt that there were several people who read into his letter and made some assumptions as well as decisions in their own mind about who this man is. I sensed they piled on a bit and had some old baggage that they brought with them. They were “dismayed,” felt there was a “disconnect,” and that he should be “ashamed.” I see the cancel culture at work here.

People are free to believe what they want and express themselves as they wish, which is also true for Coach Fruechte. 

I believe the LGBT community are welcome to form a club, but it should be all inclusive, just as I believe a group of Christian students should be free to form a Christian club. This club should be able to meet and hold Bible studies and fund raisers to help those less fortunate. I do believe a club like this would be open to all. I also  think this club probably would open the eyes of the Nation “The Freedom From Religion” group, out of Wisconsin would attempt to shut it down in a heart beat.

I think it is time to review the First Amendment. Read it, as it will not take you more than a few minutes. A decision was made by he Supreme Court back in 1962 which dictated the rights of prayer in school. I for one think it is time to challenge this Supreme Court decision.

Our country needs some direction from one greater than us.

In closing, I would say that in my 67 years on earth, having watched hundreds of high school football games, that I have never experienced the product and quality of play, the community involvement, let alone the shear number of youngsters affected by this coach and his staff than I have seen here in Caledonia, Mn. So, as the Bible says, “He who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Tim Gunn

Caledonia, Minn.

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