To the Editor:

I take issue with those who put down the importance of government at any level whether it be city, county, state or federal/national level. One way that is done is through the use of the misogynistic and derogatory phrase of the “Nanny State” (with “state” meaning a “nation state” in that particular phrase) as one Letter to the Editor writer did last week.

 First of all, those who raise or help to raise members of the community to be the best they can be and help them to also weather the inevitable trials in life — especially in childhood which sets the foundation for adulthood — are to be commended and honored, not disparaged or belittled.

 Second of all, there are always bad actors in our world due to the biology, chemistry and life experiences that influence human personality (the nature vs. nurture debate which now seems to have concluded that both heavily matter). Those who therefore freely choose or learn to act in underhanded ways or who take advantage of their power for their own greed or personal elevation to harm or oppress others must have limits put in place to stop them. Why? Simply because selfish and harmful mentalities are not what we want spreading in a civilized society where all should be able to live and thrive on a safe and fair playing field with necessary rules that are enforced to protect everyone and prevent corruption and lawlessness.

 That is exactly why we have and need governments that work toward the common good and solve rising challenges through the passage of just (not unjust) laws and effective policies that uphold the equal protection of all and therefore help to keep the peace and help all to live and thrive. Such laws include those against corporate abuses, environmental abuses, health and labor abuses, racism, child abuse, and many other abuses of our shared human rights by those who are granted or who seize high levels of power. Lies are also a common abuse of power so think carefully about the motives of those who are maligning others, especially when they are in the highest positions of power, and then work to disempower them as some of the inevitable bad (aka rotten) apples we need to deal with responsibly. The majority of people are ethical overall, but those who are not must consequently not be allowed to spoil the whole barrel as the longtime saying warns.

Janette Dean

Caledonia, Minn.


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