To the Editor:

I had the privilege to experience with my mother and my four year old son at the Houston County Fair this year that will last forever and is living proof that in the midst of all the negative things that are going on in this world that acts of kindness do exist and that we just do not hear about it very often so in my recent experience I want to share it with everyone. 

Saturday night of the fair this year was your typical night of enjoying the fair and walking around. My mother, my son, and I were walking and noticed two boys carrying a trophy from the Demo Derby that just had finished up when my son said “Trophy.” The two young boys stopped to chat with my son and the younger of the two boys asked the other if he can have the trophy meanwhile my mother and I were taken aback by the gesture. The two boys looked at each other smiled and said “yes he can have it.” My son was beyond excited while my mother and I just were just in shock and blown away by what happened right in front of our eyes. 

These two boys took the time and stopped to acknowledge my son and gave him their trophy. Not only was it a Demo Derby trophy but it was also the 1st Place Full Size Modified trophy. My son shook the younger boys hand and said thank you along with my mother and I saying thank you as well. Those boys are true proof that acts of kindness do exist in this world and those acts of kindness no matter what it is should be recognized and happen more often across the world. I am still in shock about the whole experience and the tears in our eyes are still there. I thank those two boys from the bottom of our hearts. You made a 4 year old boy’s day and a memory for my mother and I that witnessed this to last forever. I will find out the names of those two boys and thank them so much again. If this has taught me anything in my life is to always continue being kind to others and pay if forward. This country needs more love and kindness and less hatred and acts of kindness should be shared with others and acknowledged. Our hearts are full.

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