The intention of joining Diversity Club is to honor the special similarities and differences in us. 

The Pledge of Allegiance stands for loyalty commitment under God with liberty and justice for all.

We are swearing to equality, treat your neighbor as you treat yourself. That doesn’t mean subordination to corruption, unequal treatment nor disrespect.

If you attend Diversity Club, bring your honor to liberty and friendship. You can bring life and values. Do your best ever if you fail, try harder, that is what is is meant to teach you. 

Try not to bring negativity, when someone who joins brings joy they earn that reward. If someone joins Diversity Club for controversy or backlash, and fights, they can be asked to leave and reported. The fun in partaking helps students grow up and mature. 

Your friendship and treatment of all kinds is a cause worthy of faculty support, pride and approval and positivity.

Begin to share the good times. Thanks for establishing a Diversity Club. Joining could be essential for building strong morals and good intentions for gays and all kinds of good folks.

Kurt Nelson

Brownsville, Minn.

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