To the Editor:

Last week, Lisa Singer, a nurse from Winona had had a very insightful Letter to the Editor in the Argus revealing the manipulative partisan actions of our State Senator Jeremy Miller. Miller is attempting to fire the State Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm. 

Miller’s actions are consistent and an extension of what he and the GOP Senate Majority have been doing since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic nearly two years ago. Every action taken by Governor Walz to protect Minnesotans from Covid 19 has been consistent with good science and CDC recommendations. Yet Miller and his anti-science, anti-vaccination Republican Senators have repeatedly attacked Walz personally, tried to obstruct his efforts and worked to undermine public confidence in Walz and Commissioner Malcolm.

It is really disgusting that in our State, with all of these great healthcare institutions, that we would have such small minded, backward and ignorant State Senators like Miller. What an insult their actions have been month after month as they sought to prevent the Governor from using his emergency Constitutional power to protect the people of our State 

As Ms. Singer correctly points out what a slap in the face Senator Miller’s goal of firing Commissioner Malcolm is to the thousands of healthcare heroes that have been on the front lines in fighting the Covid Pandemic in Minnesota for nearly two years.

We now have over 750,000 deaths from Covid 19 in our country because elected officials like ex-president Donald Trump and State Senator Jeremy Miller undermined and place  roadblocks in the way of scientists and public health officials who were working to control the pandemic.

And just in case anyone believes the false GOP claims that Governor Walz’s  Covid 19 Pandemic  actions have hurt the State economy,  that is false. Actual revenue for the 2021 State budget were $3 billion ahead of the earlier budget projects. And the recent quarterly revenue update from Minnesota Management and Budget shows July, August and September tax collections are $657 million above what was projected during the MMB forecast in February.

Jeremy Miller is an embarrassment as our State Senator.

Ken Tschumper

La Crescent, Minn.


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