To The Editor

I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s on a dairy farm. Most of the families I knew were farmers. They were honest, hard working people. They respected the law. They debated politics and social issues regularly.

I could not imagine those people supporting this President. They hated liars. According to fact checkers, this President lies over 10 times per day. They paid their own way. This President inherited over 400 million dollars and still declared bankruptcy four times while cheating those working for him. He created a fake university and charity to scam people out of money. He cheated on his taxes. He uses his position to enrich himself. 

When drafted the people I knew served. This President bought his way out of military service.

During the 60’s, progress was made with regulations protecting the environment. Science were valued. It was a period of expanding civil rights, women’s rights and voting rights. The people I grew up with would not have sided with increasing the deficit while letting our infrastructure fail and underfunding education to give billionaires and multinational corporations tax breaks. 

People didn’t ignore 16 sexual assaults allegations. Separating children from parents, putting them in cages to sleep on cement, denying access to personal hygiene, not OK. Destroying America’s credibility with both allies and enemies by reneging on agreements and making idle threats isn’t leadership. 

Greatness is about values and vision and the willingness to sacrifice for things larger than self. 

Dr. Bryan Van Gorp

Rushford, Minn.

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