This is not me. I do not write letters to the editor, however if the young people of this town have enough courage to speak out and try to right a wrong, then it is time for the adults to step up and support them. 

I cannot praise Madison and her friends enough for having the courage of their convictions to stand up for those who are often overlooked. We tell our children to be nice, to include everyone, that we are all equal and belong. Those are just words, and without any action behind them that is all they are. 

The idea of a Diversity Club is putting words into action, and it took a group of young people to do that. They should be commended and offered any help available to make this a reality. To those adults who question this, shame on you! 

I am proud to live in a town where when the young of our community see their peers suffering for not being accepted, they are not afraid to step up and try to help and do what is right. We as adults can learn a great deal from this group of students about how to act, and how to treat and accept others. 

So thank you and I hope the Diversity Club becomes a reality and that we all learn from these students and become more tolerant. 

Susan Burg

Caledonia, Minn.

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