To the Editor:

Everything seems to cost more than before this all began, but surely it’s because something has happened with “the economy” right?


There’s no reason for prices to be this high but plain and simple greed. Are there things the government can do? Of course President Ice Cream can’t just flip a switch to make inflation stop, but he could play hardball with these ghouls. If everyone is buying US Brand baby formula, other companies would have to straighten up and fly right. You can already buy flour at the store from a mill run by the state of North Dakota, so it’s not unheard of.

But maybe that sounds a little too communist for your taste? Well, oil is such a part of everything in our lives that doing a direct cash program would definitely help bring prices down...and you can pay for it by taking that money away from the billionaires that have been fleecing you. Win-win!

If you take the money the rich stole and literally sink it into the ground in trains, roads and bridges, that’s money that can’t go back into the system and inflate, isn’t it? It could even lose the government money, which they could write off, and that would again take money out of the system. Neat, huh?

But you won’t hear these solutions from your bought-and-paid-for government: all you’ll hear is that it’s YOUR fault and YOU have to tighten your belt while they orders another round of gold-covered chicken wings.

Eric Leitzen

Hokah, Minn.


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