To the Editor:

The letter to the editor signed by Greg Myhre, in which the author expresses displeasure with the application of zoning laws to rock quarries, requires a response. I was disheartened to read Mr. Myhre’s letter, and I am committed to continue to work hard, and by doing so, hope to gain the trust of Myhre, and all residents of the County. However, the Zoning Office does not target industries, as alleged, but rather applies laws neutrally. The role of a zoning office is limited to applying rules to situations. The circumstances and facts surrounding any zoning decision are beyond its control, as are the laws which it must administer, which are determined by the County Board of Commissioners. The Zoning Office cannot change the facts surrounding the Schutz Quarry—mainly, my determination that it was not operated for a period of decades—nor can it change the applicable law. It can only apply the law to the facts, which it has done. This is the correct approach, and provides consistency and continuity through faithful application of the law.

Aaron Lacher

Houston County Environmental Services Director

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