To the Editor:

Because I love our students, parents, and school; and because I love our community, I am asking you to think about something in regards to the new Diversity Club. I applaud that you want to make a difference in school, community, and our world; but I have some questions. If the year 2020 has taught us anything, It is that free thinking isn’t allowed when it comes to diverse issues. Who gets to decide what is acceptable and not acceptable speech? Are you going to allow students in your club who disagree with your opinions? For example, What if someone joins your group and believes homosexuality is wrong- are you going to be understanding and let them share their view or are you going to shut them down? You say the Diversity Club will be here for anyone, will it truly be for anyone including people that oppose LGBTQIA+? Will Christian students be allowed in the group to agree to disagree with your opinion? Notice that I said agree to disagree not hate because I love all of the students in our community, but disagree with some of the things this group will stand for.

Your friend Carl Fruechte

Caledonia, Minn.


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