To the Editor:

In response to the 1/27/21 LTE from Carl Fruechte:

Coach Carl Fruechte, your letter was not written in love and you should be ashamed of yourself. Your words are ample proof of the necessity of a high school diversity club. It is well-documented that LGBTQIA+ teenagers not only experience heartbreaking levels of stress, anxiety, and rejection, but also overwhelmingly feel unsafe in their own school classrooms. Additionally, supportive families and inclusive schools are key to the success and well-being of LGBTQIA+ students. Thank God for the young people that developed a club that invites all students to feel safe and loved.

Regardless of the empty platitudes, your letter is a thinly veiled attack against homosexuality. The existence of a diversity club does not infringe on your right to think homosexuality is wrong. But you are not allowed to encourage other students to ostracize LGBTQIA+ kids because they don’t conform to your narrow view of Christianity. Whether it is a student, a family member, or a community member, we would all be better off actually showing more love by letting others live their lives in peace. Alisha (Kruckow) Eiken, CHS Class of ‘99.

Alisha Eiken

Byron, Minn.


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