The St. Mary's Science and Curriculum Fair, hosted in conjunction with the preschool and kindergarten open house, featured a historical max museum, made up of fifth graders, dioramas of model houses designed by sixth graders, magical math tricks presents by the seventh grade, and a large family tree poster made by the eighth-grade class.

2023 Will Herman as Ben Franklin (St. Mary's Fair)

Will Herman is dressed to the nines as founding father, Benjamin Franklin.

2023 Naxon Melde as Alexander Graham Bell (St. Mary's Fair)

Naxon Melde as Alexander Graham Bell.

2023 Sabrina TenKley (St. Mary's Fair)

Sabrina TenKley's project, Let's Get Dicey, uses math to determine what numbered dice you roll.

2023 Mason Augedal as Elvis (St. Mary's Fair)

Mason Augedal wows as Elvis Presley.

2023 Isla Harms as Pocahontas (St. Mary's Fair)

Isla Harms is all smiles dressed as Pocahontas.

Raiya Goetzginer (St. Mary's Fair)

Raiya Goetzinger's Magic Mind Guessing asks attendees to write a number and put it in a safe, where she then amazingly guesses which number you wrote.

2023 Jack Schwarz as Mark Twain (St. Mary's Fair)

Jack Schwarz teaches Curriculum Fair attendees about author, Mark Twain.

2023 Morgan Novak as Cleopatra (St. Mary's Fair)

Morgan Novak presents as Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile.

2023 Charlie Mauss (St. Mary's Fair)

Charlie Mauss guesses how many siblings and living grandparents guests have for his Family Roundup.

2023 Kylie Klug as Mea Jemison (St. Mary's Fair)

Kylie Klug recites her speech about NASA astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison.

2023 Nora Staggemeyer (St. Mary's Fair)

Nora Staggemeyer presents, Nora's Magic Piggy Bank, where she uses complex math to figure out how much money you put in the bank.

2023 Elli Harms (St. Mary's Fair)

Elli Harms uses math to guess people's phone numbers as part of her Phenomenal Phone Number Trick.

2023 Brenden Murphy as Nikola Tesla (St. Mary's Fair)

Brenden Murphy educates on famous inventor, Nikola Tesla.

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