Doc's Restaurant.jpg

Pictured, the former Doc's Restaurant at 133 W. Main Street in Spring Grove. The building now features an Airbnb space in the upper level after investment through the Community Real Estate Fund.

Started as a way to bring new commerce to the Spring Grove area, Houston County locals have recently pooled together money for a Community Real Estate Fund. The intention of this new fund is to revive the Spring Grove community and create new options for real estate developments, as a means of rectifying the area’s recent stagnation.

“We need more lodging in Spring Grove and more rental space,” said Courtney Bergey Swanson.

SG chamber of commerce.jpg

Pictured, the Spring Grove Chamber of Commerce building at 149 W. Main Street in Spring Grove.

Nogosek’s building.jpg

Pictured, the Nogosek’s building at 131 W. Main Street in Spring Grove.

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