The Houston County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the incredible achievement of K9 Roman and Lt. Trace Erickson.  Roman and Lt. Erickson were invited to compete in the U.S.P.C.A.  National Canine competition recently.  

Roman and Lt. Erickson finished in first place, scoring 692.68 points out a 700 points in this national competition. 

Sheriff Inglett says this is such a remarkable achievement for the pair and “I am so incredibly proud of both of them”.

It is quite an accomplishment to even be invited to the national trials, as the invitation is based on performance at Regional K9 Trials held earlier in the year. Sheriff Inglett said “ I think it says a lot for Lt. Erickson’s skills and dedication as a handler and trainer,  as well as the skills of Roman. We are so lucky to have Lt. Erickson as our handler and Roman as our K9.”

The National event is scored on six separate venues, including; obedience, agility, suspect search, article search, criminal apprehension, and handler protection. Some of the venues then have sub categories that they are scored in as well. 

Lt. Erickson and Roman competed against K9’s from all across the United States with many being large metropolitan areas.  Sheriff Inglett says for a K9 team from Houston County Minnesota to finish first in the nation is just amazing. In my tenure as sheriff, this is one of my proudest moments. 

The Sheriff’s Office would also like to recognize and thank the Houston County K9 Foundation for their support in helping Lt. Erickson and Roman attend this event.

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