By Jordan Gerard

Editor, The Caledonia Argus

Of all the options for summer jobs, perhaps the coolest took place in a “Field of Dreams” for two local residents.

Nathan and Dana Boler applied for jobs at the Field of Dreams game that took place in Dyersville, Iowa this past summer. They applied, did the interviews via Zoom and were selected to be workers at the event. They had a choice of five different jobs, but were not guaranteed those choices. 

Dana was an usher in the arena near left field, while Nathan was a golf cart driver for Kevin Costner, star of the popular 1989 movie “Field of Dreams.”

While he originally anticipated just transporting people who were unable to walk on uneven ground, his supervisor let him know before the game that he would be the driver for Costner. 

“I laugh about it because I had joked with people around here that I’d drive him around, and then it actually happened,” he said. Dana didn’t believe him when she found out, so Nathan’s supervisor had to tell her. 

Though it was exciting to drive Costner around the venue, Nathan said it was also stressful due to the schedule and fans wanting Costner’s autograph or a photo.

“Pretty much we had places to go, business all the time,” he said. “We’re trying to get there quickly and safely. There were a lot of fans watching the game, and as soon as they realize it’s Kevin Costner, they swarm the golf cart.”

Once the game started, Nathan was on stand-by, in case Costner wanted to travel on the grounds.

Dana’s job included showing people to their seats, talking to people and taking photos for them. She also got to watch the whole game, which was lucky, as ticket prices skyrocketed to $1,400 or more on the secondary market, according to CNN Business.  

“The coolest part of the whole game was the re-enacted scenes,” she said. “Kevin Costner came out of the corn, it was dead silent on the field. Once in a lifetime opportunity for that.”

The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox teams walked out after Costner, who made a short speech on the field. 

Fans and attendees could also walk through a corn maze, take photo ops and walk on the original field and in the house where the movie was made. Guests can even stay in the house overnight. Major League Baseball built a brand new stadium for the 2021 game and future games. 

Though the Bolers aren’t big baseball fans (if they were, Dana would be a Brewers fan, while Nathan would be a Twins fan), they found the job opportunity through social media in May, while visiting Dubuque, Iowa. Both went through orientation before the game to know their duties. 

Dana said she would recommend visiting both cities and the movie set, as the area’s residents are friendly. Her group of fellow employees were mostly locals from the area. 

“They’re really welcoming and friendly. I highly recommend the area to anyone,” she said.

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