By Mrs. Newgaard’s class

Caledonia Area Elementary 

holiday, Christmas Eve, presents, Santa, and putting ornaments on the tree.

Herbie Burns

Son of Larry & Erin

You get toys, you can play in the snow and go sledding, and you get to ride snowmobiles.

Dallas Burrichter

Son of Matt & Emily


Thane Conway

Son of Justin & Emily


Addy Doering

Daughter of DJ & Chantel

Presents, Christmas toys, cookies, milk, gingerbread houses, candy canes, and reindeer.

Darryn Groothuis

Son of Ashley 

You get presents for people and be nice.

Cade Gueltzow

Son of Sean & Shanna

It means you have fun with presents and you open them. If you open the presents it gets more fun!

Son of Tanya

God’s birthday is on Christmas and you get presents.

Drew Klug

Son of Cory & Shannon

Presents, family, presents.

Kole Klug

Son of Jason & Kayla

Jesus’ birthday. 

William Lange

Son of Randy & Theresa

Presents, sleep, family.

Carson Lechner

Son of Zach & Lieren

Presents, Santa’s sleigh, reindeer, elves and a red bag.

Fynna Norris

Daughter of Larry & Erin

Having a lot of presents, putting up the Christmas tree, putting the decorations on it, and asking Santa for gifts. 

Azlye Ranney

Daughter of Ben & Levenda

Toys, holiday, Christmas decorations, a chain to get you all the way to Christmas, green and red, having nice warm food, and winter.

Jeanette Rask

Daughter of Joe & Wendy


Sawyer Runningen

Son of Kyle & Brittany

Toys, stockings, Christmas tree, sleigh, reindeer, Santa Claus, lights and I get presents. 

Brenner Schwartzhoff

Son of Matt & Tayler

The snow falls, we put up a Christmas tree, Christmas lights, and Christmas decorations.

Lou Senn

Son of Sean & Chelsey

Well, I really like presents. I guess Princesses and seeing Santa. 

Zoey Stemo

Daughter of Zach & Molly

Santa brings you presents.

Luke Vesterse

Son of Dan & Jessie


Rita Von Arx

Daughter of Scott & Sheila

that I can make a snowman and stuff, play with my mom outside when my dad is babysitting my brother, and I get to climb on snow. 

Adamae Wiebke

Daughter of Cory Wiebke & Aimee Welscher


Jordan Wurm

Son of Nathan & Jennifer

By Ms. Meyer’s class

Caledonia Area Elementary

Christmas feels fun because you get to play in the snow, and I get to wear my new pink boots. 

Lenox Frauenkron

Daughter of Lorrie & Ramon

A Christmas tree, snowing out, and lots of food.

Sophie Halverson

Daughter of Jessica & 


It is Jesus’s birthday.

Kaylee O’Heron

Daughter of Laura & Andy

Family, the lights, and presents.

Kynleigh Lund

Daughter of Donny Lund & Jadi Twite

Santa Claus, lights, and a Christmas tree.

Brayden Rask

Son of Kasey & Nick

The stocking and present.

Audrey Larson

Daughter of Amanda & Brad

Presents, toys, Santa’s wrapping paper. 

Max Halverson

Son of Jessica & Justin

Christmas tree and toys.

Abbie Halverson

Daughter of Jessica & Justin

I think about Jesus.

Treyjen Burmester

Son of Bob & Tori

I think of snowmen and playing with Kiptyn and Kade in the snow and making big snowballs.

Lincoln Engan

Son of Emily & Kevin

I think of sledding. I get presents.

James Nelson

Son of Tammy & Eric

I think it means presents and love and joy. 

Della Peterson

Daughter of Alissa & Michael

Christmas tree and decorating our house, a Grinch stocking, and lights in my room. 

Eli Miller

Son of Sam Miller & 

Justine Feine

Decorating trees and having Lucky our Elf on a Shelf here drinking mom’s coffee.

Ashlynn Hanson

Daughter of Daniel & Tasha

I think about elves.

Rosemarie Klug-Revels

Daughter of Kristen Klug & Joshua Revels

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Novah Peterson

Daughter of Clarissa 

Guillaume & Nick Peterson

We get presents.

Aaron Speece

Son of Caitlin & Justin

Opening presents and eating food. Don’t be bad then you get presents.

Otis Hanson

Son of Laura & Jared

Put my Christmas tree up and my Elf came.

Lochlan Thorson

Son of Jade & Scott

My Elf on a Shelf comes to my house and each night moves to a new spot.

Avery Palen

Daughter of Kaitlin & Dan

By Mrs. Paus’ class

St. John’s Lutheran School

Santa gives us presents

Lavinia Klinski

Daughter of Justin & Bethany

It’s Jesus’ birthday

Emmalin Kruckow

Daughter of Josh & Chelsey

That is the day that Jesus was born. I love my brother.

Natalie Meyer

Daughter of Jordan & Rachelle

Santa is coming. We are getting our Christmas tree.

Traeden Meyer

Son of Justin & Kelly

Jesus is my Savior!

Jarrett Snodgrass

Son of Cole & Jacquelyn

It means giving thanks for presents. It’s Jesus’ birthday. It also means loving my brother.

Corbin Thies

Son of Justin & Connie

We celebrate Jesus’ birthday and family.

Isaac Diersen

Son of Jayson & Natalie

That Jesus was born on Christmas Day and we get presents.

Gage Goetzinger

Son of Dayva & Josh

By Mrs. Schroeder’s class

St. Mary’s Catholic School

It’s Jesus’ birthday. Santa comes down the chimney and you open presents. Christmas lights get put up.

Ryan Augedahl

Son of BJ & Emily

It snows. You put your tree and lights up.

Myah Dvorak

Daughter of Austin Dvorak & Chelsey Fotheringham

You put up our Christmas tree because its Jesus’ birthday. We go sledding. 

Kaysley Kinstler

Daughter of Nate & Heidi

You turn on Christmas lights. Santa comes and you open presents.

Samson Kittleson

Son of Sam & Suzanne

It’s Jesus’ Birthday. Decorate the Christmas tree, open presents and bake cookies.

Parker Klug

Son of Kevin & Nichole

It’s Jesus’ birthday. We decorate the tree.

Kennadi Knutson

Daughter of Kent & Janelle

We put up our Christmas tree and decorate our house. Santa comes. Jesus was born. 

Sophia Mauss

Daughter of Josh & Nicole

We put up our lights. We give Santa cookies and he brings us presents. Jesus has his birthday.

Mallory McCabe

Daughter of Eric & Jeanna 

We put up our Christmas tree. We make Christmas cookies. It’s Jesus’ birthday. We get to sledding.

Kinley Meiners

Daughter of Richie & Amber

Jesus was born on Christmas. Santa comes and gives presents.

Ethan Moen

Son of John & Jenny

We put up our Christmas tree. We play in the snow. We make cookies.

Bode Renk

Son of Michael & Brianna

Santa comes down the chimney. Jesus’ birthday is that day. We bake Christmas cookies. 

Mary Schieber

Daughter of Bobby & Kim Schieber

We go see Santa. We decorate our tree. We can play in the snow and make a snowman.

Colton Schuttemeier

Son of Ryan & Amanda

It is fun and we get presents. We put our Christmas tree up and our lights.

Jayse VanRavenhorst

Son of David VanRavenhorst & Christina Reed

It’s Jesus’ birthday. We decorate the Christmas tree. Make cokies for Santa and give him a glass of milk.

Thea Waters

Daughter of Ray Waters & 

Jessica McCallson


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