We would like to recognize Kelsey Buttell for her efforts and group activity at Gundersen Tweeten Care Center that the victims of the tornados in Kentucky were the recipients of this kind act/group activity. Kelsey is occupational therapist assistant for Aegis Therapies with Gundersen Tweeten Care Center.

Kelsey collected $700 from close family and friends to go gather supplies to put together hygiene and food bags to send to Kentucky for the victims.

Kelsey, her husband Zach, and Alissa Diersen, Director of Rehab, went to Walmart and filled up two carts of supplies to make this happen as well as Kelsey organizing this activity with the activities department. She is working on getting this shipped now and will be sent in next few days.  

Focus of the group for her six patients that participated, was on range of motion/reaching, trunk flexion, as well as orientation to current events.  This activity not only was an amazing idea but filled the cups of our residents/patients.

Some of the comments from the patients were:

One patient thanked Kelsey and stated, “This was very fulfilling to be able to give back.”

Another patient stated, “I am thankful for this opportunity to be included to help out others from this tragedy.”

This amazing gesture/group activity will hopefully put a smile on peoples face and spread a little good in this world!

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