Scott Solberg

Scott Solberg is Spring Grove's only filed candidate for the mayor race in 2020.

Scott Solberg

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Scott Solberg.  I live in Spring Grove with my wife Jennifer and our 4 children.  I am the school counselor for Spring Grove Public School and the choir director for Trinity Lutheran Church. I also volunteer with the Ye Olde Opera House.  I have served 6 years on the city council and am now running for mayor.

Why are you running for mayor and what will you focus on while serving?

I decided to run for mayor when I heard that our current mayor, Sarah Schroeder, would not be running again.  I felt strongly that it would be best for the city if someone with experience stepped up to be mayor.  

This council has been working hard to keep moving Spring Grove forward and I wanted to ensure that we kept that momentum going.  I have been the council representative in charge of our parks and am very proud of the work we have done with them.  I want to continue to make Spring Grove a great place to live and to work.

What are the most important issues facing Spring Grove right now? How can you help if you’re elected?

We need to continue to keep our town well maintained.  Citizens expect to have city services that they can depend on, and because of our great staff, we do.  The reality is that the cost of maintaining a city is not cheap and isn’t getting any cheaper.  We need to work to maintain a balance so that our city is cared for, but that our tax burden does not become unbearable. The past few years I have written many grants that have helped improve the city and the city parks and I will continue to do so.

Spring Grove has run out of open lots to build new homes and recently completed a housing study. How can the city help developers/contractors add new subdivisions to the city for new homes to attract more residents?

These are uncertain times. I personally feel like the excitement for growth felt last year has been slightly tempered by extremely high lumber prices and the unknown of the future.  

Having said that I do feel excitement for the future of this city and our housing market. The consultants provided us several ways to encourage more housing growth and even ways to encourage renovation of existing homes. The recommendations varied based on the type of housing provided. These recommendations should be followed to encourage the expansion of the tax base while protecting the financial outlay of the city.

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