Ice cream on a warm summer day-Houston County Public Health

Nothing better than a cold treat on a warm and humid summer day. The small gathering on the courthouse lawn on July 13 was made even more special when the ice cream was donated by The Wired Rooster to help Houston County Public Health thank its staff and volunteers for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic. Pictured on the right is Jeremiah Ninneman and Liv Myhre, of The Wired Rooster, and on the left is Public Health director John Pugleasa and volunteer vaccinators Vicki Krukow and Lyn Van Den Boom.

By Jordan Gerard

Editor, The Caledonia Argus

A sweet treat on a warm day after a long year and a few months during a pandemic hit the spot with staff and volunteers from Houston County Public Health. 

As a thank you to volunteers, the public health department asked The Wired Rooster about purchasing ice cream to treat and thank volunteers and staff. 

Instead of purchasing the ice cream, Wired Rooster co-owner Jeremiah Ninneman decided to donate the ice cream to thank the department for all they have done for Houston County over the past year and a half. They even set up a portable freezer and tent on the courthouse lawn to serve the ice cream. 

The Wired Rooster was glad for the opportunity to thank Public Health directly, co-owner Amanda Ninneman said. 

Public Health director John Pugleasa said it was a celebratory feeling, while everyone enjoyed their ice cream. The department is “rightly proud of their effort,” and what’s more, Houston County remains in the top 10 counties for vaccinations. 

“There’s a broad spectrum of vaccine acceptance in Houston County. We seem to benefit from people willing to be vaccinated and we’re safer,” he said. 

He added that the generosity of The Wired Rooster is indicative of a lot of responses from businesses and individuals, who have supported Public Health staff in various ways big and small, even if its just coffee or donuts. 

“It was heartening to see how the community came together,” he said. He thanked Wired Rooster for the donation. 

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