Houston locals are seeking to preserve that community's history.

Previously an abandoned community center, the building that now houses a new museum was put up for bid by the city in spring 2022. The space sat on the market for many months, garnering little interest and remained vacant for some time.

2023 Houston museum - ribbon cutting

Ribbon cutting is a success in Houston.

2023 Houston museum - school apparel

One of many exhibits features a variety of Houston varsity apparel and memorabilia.

2023 Houston museum - varsity jackets

Varsity jackets, collected throughout the years.

2023 Houston museum - Nelson Farms

The museum features many local businesses, including Nelson Farms.

2023 Houston museum - graduation uniform

An old Houston graduation uniform greets museum attendees.

2023 Houston museum - ambulance & fire

A salute to Houston's ambulance and fire departments sits in an inlet that was previously a bar.

2023 Houston museum - military uniforms

Military uniforms from the Korean War and others honors veterans.

2023 Houston museum - buffalo coat

An antique buffalo fur is on display.

2023 Houston museum - outside

Visit Houston's new museum at 109 W Maple Street.

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