There’s a new author in town.

Inspired by her work as a nutritionist, Caledonia resident Dana Boler began working on her first children’s book, "Raisins Help you Poop," at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Wishing to fill her free time during lockdown, the book took about two years to complete and is printed on demand and available for purchase on Amazon. Boler chose to self-publish through Amazon, because “it was really just a passion project and something I wanted to get in the hands of daycares, schools and public health professionals."

2023 Dana Boler w/ Raisins Help you Poop

Dana Boler with her self-published children's books, "Raisins Help you Poop." Boler is a proud Caledonian and a dedicated nutritionist.

Raisins Help you Poop

Raisins Help you Poop by Dana Boler is a superhero's guide to superfood.

Raisins Help you Poop - back cover

Dana Boler includes fun superfood smoothie and energy bite recipes in her educational children's book, Raisins Help you Poop.

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