Susan and Brad King

Susan and Brad King

By Jordan Gerard

Editor, The Caledonia Argus

While her sons, husband and the Caledonia Warriors get a lot of press, Susan King gets her own bit of press on Mother’s Day. 

She and husband Brad King were married May 6, 1995, and she first became a mother with oldest child Alexis, a 2016 Caledonia High School graduate and current medical assistant at Gundersen Health System; then followed Owen (2018 graduate), Noah (2020 graduate) and Eli (future 2022 graduate). 

Susan works as a scheduling specialist in the Pediatric Specialities Clinic at Gundersen Health System. When she’s not working, she’s usually managing the household and doing a little more refereeing with all three boys at home, she joked. 

Sports have played an active role within the King family. It’s certainly kept them busy and involved. 

“Sports are always good for life lessons, when little they not only are being active but they learn to take turns, how to share and patience,” Susan said. “They teach you how to work as a team, how to work with others for a common goal.”

As her sons’ biggest fan during sports seasons, she loves to see the enjoyment they all get from playing with their teammates and the camaraderie they share. 

“Sports is a way of keeping your children busy or involved in something good that they can do with their friends and hopefully not doing things we don’t want them doing,” she added. “Besides the physical activity being good for you and the life long friendships and memories you make, you can use all these lessons in adulthood.”

When the King family isn’t focusing on sports, they like to be outside and that usually leads to an outdoor game, Susan said. They also like to spend time with their extended family and play cards.

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