Argus welcomes new General Manager

Dan McGonigle DeAnna McCabe/The Caledonia Argus

ECM Publishers, Inc., publishers of “The Caledonia Argus” is pleased to announce the hiring of new General Manager/Managing Editor Daniel McGonigle.

McGonigle, who up until January of this year, owned a pair of newspapers in Morgan, Minnesota and Fairfax, Minnesota, is excited to join The Argus staff.

“I am happy to be back in Caledonia,” said McGonigle.

As you may recall McGonigle spent some time at The Argus back in 2007 prior to purchasing The Morgan Messenger.

“At the time, my wife was getting her masters (Marriage and Family Therapy) and we were living in western Minnesota,” notes McGonigle. “We then found out we were pregnant with twins which made relocating our family a difficult proposition.”

McGonigle, however, really came to like the area and is looking forward to his family moving here.

“Those twins are now five and will start kindergarten this fall,” said McGonigle. “We felt it was perfect timing.”

McGonigle takes over for outgoing General Manager, Emily Bialkowski, who took a marketing position with an energy bar company.



McGonigle, who has over 15 years experience in the newspaper business, will look to continue the strong tradition The Argus has of serving the communities of Caledonia, Brownsville, Eitzen, New Albin and Houston County.

“From Tom Murphy to Charlie Warner, there has been a great deal of small town, weekly newspaper community journalism happening here in Caledonia at The Argus,” said McGonigle. “I am pleased to be joining such a dedicated staff who work so hard to produce the best weekly newspaper they can each week.”

McGonigle and his wife, Emily, have eight children. Three children are now in college but his sons, Sean, age 16; Mason, 14; Ezra, 9; and twins Hannah and Evan, 5; are looking forward to joining the Caledonia community.

McGonigle’s wife, Emily, is currently seeking employment in the area in her field of social work or children’s mental health.

In the coming weeks, years and months, McGonigle looks forward to getting to know people in the area, moving his family into a home in Caledonia and serving the readers to the best of his ability.

If you have any questions or comments or news tips please direct them to Daniel’s email address at

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