Tim Klug

Tell us about yourself

I was born and raised in Caledonia. Upon graduating from High School in 1969, I volunteered to be drafted into military service. It wasn’t necessary to ask twice. As a 19-year-old, I was leading an Infantry squad in an active combat zone for the U.S. Army. Good or bad, I’m sure even today many attitudes, beliefs and feelings in life are at least in part attributable to those 2 years of service.

After discharge, I worked a variety of jobs before hiring on to Trane Co. in 1974 as a welder and ended my 40 year stint there with 10 years in Quality Control as an Inspector. Since retiring from there I drove for a local bus company and trucking firm.

Brownsville has been my place of residence since the mid 1970s.

Why are you running for council? 

In my opinion Brownsville has been fortunate, having more than adequate Mayoral and Council representation up to and including the present day. The upcoming term for Council didn’t generate much candidate interest so I want to offer my name for consideration. 

I would like to see more people on the ballot. Elected offices should include competition, choices and a variety of ideas. There’s time to support a write in candidate. Even a lightly organized effort could well be successful.     

I have no personal or citizen backed agenda, nor have I conducted any business before the Council over the years. I am ashamed to admit to how few Council meetings i have attended over the years because I think people should be involved at the grassroots level. 

In my retirement I have the time and a lack of distraction that i might not have enjoyed in the past to contribute to the functions of the city. 

If nothing else, I can certainly offer a fresh look at each item of business that comes before the Council. Brownsville should of course carefully consider and scrutinize every finacial expenditure in order to provide good service with as little cost as possible.

How can the city attract more businesses? 

 I believe the job of the City is to encourage and support existing and start-up businesses and to offer guidance to assure the business is a net plus to both the general population and the business owner.

How can Brownsville capitalize on tourism?

Though I don’t see the geographical opportunity in Brownsville, biking and hiking trails seem to work in many communities. The short term rentals of housing seem to be popular and surely create traffic for the existing businesses on our little chunk of the river. 

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