William Gavin

William Gavin

Tell us about yourself

I am a lifetime resident of Caledonia. I went to St. Mary’s School until the eighth grade, and then attended Caledonia High, graduating in 2001. In 2000, I joined the Army Reserve. After attending basic training, at Fort Knox, KY, I served 8 years in the Reserve. During my service, I served one tour in Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Since serving, I have been employed as a welder. I have welded for Mid-City Steel and on the oil/natural gas, pipe line. In September 2019, I started working at the Houston County Jail as a Jailer/Dispatcher.

Why are you running for city council?

I am running for Office because I believe Caledonia is poised to see significant growth in the near future. I want the city to have a fresh perspective and open minded outlook, towards the coming opportunities. I am excited about several of the planned capital improvement projects the city has been looking into. I would like to have an opportunity to bring a youthful and fresh mindset to the development of those projects. At the same time I also want to ensure that the basic services the city currently provides, do not get neglected or taken for granted.

In your opinion, what are the most important issues facing the City of Caledonia? What solutions do you propose for that issue?

If elected, I would make summer youth programs a priority. Lately they have been neglected. This has upset many residents who benefit from the services these programs provide. I would also like to do everything in my power, as Mayor, to promote Caledonia to potential new businesses and residents. All while, making sure the current businesses and residents have what they need to continue to call Caledonia home. Additionally I would like to help the City move forward with the current plans for several capital improvement projects, such as the upgrade / replacement of parts of the sewer / water treatment facility.

Caledonia faces a large project with its wastewater treatment plant. What can the city do in the future to keep costs in check for other large projects?

How can Caledonia continue to improve downtown buildings to attract businesses?


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