By Jordan Gerard

Editor, The Caledonia Argus

Book lovers in Brownsville rejoice! The Brownsville City Council has allowed for more space for more books. 

At the regular council meeting on Sept. 1, Barb Hurley said the library was receiving more books and was in need of more space. She proposed two solutions: move a clothes rack and make a space, or move the library to the front room in the community center. 

Council member Jeff Lejune said he knew books had been coming in “fairly steady,” especially with fall and winter coming. 

“I think there will be substantial use for the library. I’m not opposed to either one,” he said. He added that another bookshelf may be available from the parsonage. 

Mayor Al Whitesitt said the concern with the front room would be the frequency of use. He added that room does get used quite a bit for gatherings of about 50-60 people. The council made a consensus to allow the extra space in the library’s current space. 

Dog complaints

City Clerk Steve Schuldt reported the city received multiple complaints of dogs becoming potentially poisoned within city limits. Lejune said his brother lost his healthy two-year-old basset hound, who had never left the yard. The cause is unknown. Other residents reported their dogs being sick for a few days. 

The city’s Animal Control service contacted veterinarians to look into the issue. At this time, it’s unclear if the cause is poisoning, environmental hazards, or wild animals. The issue is being investigated.

Other news

The council approved a permit for a salt water swimming pool. The approval is contingent upon Public Works Department Head Sam Boma’s opinion on what would happen if the pool were to leak or get into the city’s water supply. The in-ground pool is expected to have a steel liner. The pool must be set back 16 ft. from the riprap on the bank of the river. 

The building permit for Shawn Colsch’s property was approved. The building is expected to be a full concrete wall building with truss rafters. 

A liquor license for the Lions Club was approved for its annual gun raffle event on Oct. 1. The Lions are also hosting a pork roast dinner on Oct. 23. 

The council set its preliminary levy at 6%. The final levy will be set in December. The council can decrease that percentage amount, but cannot increase it. 

Next meeting

The next meeting of the Brownsville City Council will be Oct. 6, at 7 p.m. in the community center.

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