By Jan Lee Buxengard

Special to the Argus

Dan Alstad was appointed moderator for the Black Hammer Township annual meeting held at the Town Hall on Tuesday, March 9 beginning shortly after the polls closed at 8 p.m.. Attendance included the five board members, one resident and reporter for the Caledonia Argus.

Treasurer Clayton Johnson presented the 2020 financial report, showing a beginning balance of $50,529.73 and ending balance of $85,463.36. Total of long-time CD investments are valued at $67,857.76.

The Road and Bridge Fund received disaster relief reimbursements in the amount of $77,319 for several disaster events over the last few years. Total expenditures from the fund were $109,604, including rock, grading, snow plowing, ice treatment, weed control and culverts. All agreed the roads are in excellent condition and that Brad (Tostenson) does a good job of maintenance. And, someone commented that the township “got by pretty good with gravel last year.” 

Through the State’s five-year bridge replacement schedule, there are funds available to replace two bridges on Rooster Valley Road. The township’s responsibility would be $20,000 for each bridge, for a total of $40,000.           

Levy approved

The proposed 2022 tax levy will remain the same at $130,000.

In other business

There will be no change to the 50/50 cost share by residents and the township for dust control chloride. Gopher bounty will remain at $2.50 per pair of front feet, and salaries of township officers will not change.

It was approved to give donations as follows: $1,000 to the Houston County Agricultural Society/Fair for maintenance of buildings, etc. “There’s always fixing to do,” commented Dan Alstad, a director on the fair board. The township also designated $600 to the Houston County Historical Society, and $500 to the Spring Grove Public Library.

For the coming year, the Fillmore County Journal will be used for publishing meeting notices, etc.

The 2022 annual meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 8 at the Town Hall, with election polls open 5-8 p.m., and the meeting to follow immediately after counting the votes.

Election results

There were eight township residents who case ballots in the election prior to the meeting. All votes re-elected David Skauge for a two-year term as treasurer and Clayton Johnson as supervisor for a three-year term. Other board members include Jim Solum – chairman, Elizabeth Wiste – clerk, and Dan Wiste – supervisor.

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