SG music-ukuleles

Students play ukuleles outside of the school building while standing for a photo. 

March is MIOSM (Music In Our Schools Month). All month long the music department will be featuring talented musicians on the “Spring Grove Music” Facebook and Instagram pages. Support our musicians by liking our posts! 

The youngest musicians at SGPS are celebrating March Music Month by learning two songs together.  These songs were chosen by NAfME (National Association for Music Education) and are being performed by young musicians around the nation.

The first song, “Lovely Day”, by Bill Withers, was released on December 21, 1977. This song is unique because it spans generations of music enthusiasts. Grandparents, parents, and children know this song! SG musicians use “Lovely Day” as a dance piece.

The second song, “Sing From Your Heart”, by John Allen, is about finding the music inside yourself and letting it out through song! This piece will be the finale of the spring elementary music concert.

We have pennywhistle fever in Spring Grove! The first week in February 55 pennywhistles and instrument masks were handed out to learners in grades 2 and 3. You would have thought it was Christmas morning. JOY. BLISS. HAPPINESS. A new penny whistle just might be the cure to indoor cabin fever during a cold week in Minnesota.

Choir 7 completed the musical “101 Dalmatians”. A pre-recorded performance will be released to families on March 31st. 

Choir 8 has enjoyed bucket drumming in the outdoor music classroom. They are also preparing for the spring choir concert. 

The Senior Choir has enjoyed selecting their own choral music year, lending a platform for their voice. Their message will be delivered at the spring concert. The Choir is also working together to design new choir robes. 

Vocal solo/ensemble will take place via Zoom on Monday, April 19. Singers have prepared solos in English, French, Italian, and German. Judges will be Rachel Storlie from Spring Grove and Matthew Wilmes from Lewiston-Altura. 

Music Inquiry was a new class that was piloted in the fall. Learners follow their musical passion, creating a self-paced project of their choice. Madison Lile did a fantastic job with her project on Beyonce.

Musicians in the Spring Grove Virtual Academy meet via Zoom weekly and are learning music theory, music history, and music science. Virtual learners are making music with the pennywhistle and their voice. 

Spring Grove music educators are participating in professional development. Choir director Bethany Engen sat on a panel for the Perpich Center for the Arts, titled “Retain, Recruit, Revitalize your Music Program”. Willy Leafblad and Bethany Engen have orchestrated three Zoom calls featuring expert choir directors, band directors, and elementary music educators. These experts guide the music team in best practices. Bethany Engen participated in a three Saturday music class provided by McPhail Center for Music. Engen also promoted music education by teaching a music lesson to preschool learners in the Spring Grove area.

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