Students doing good

From left, Lydia Jennings, Interact Group secretary; Lillian Doyle, president; and Sasha Mclees, vice president. The Interact Group is holding a drive-thru raffle to raise money for the IFEED food shelf.

Submitted by Lydia Jennings

My name is Lydia Jennings. I am part of the interact group. 

We have been working to collect clothes for the homeless. We recently had a sweatshirt collection and collected sweatshirts from the community to give to the shelters in Lacrosse. 

We now are going to be switching to collecting hand warmers and gloves because of the cold winter weather coming up. Along with our collections we plan on preparing a hot meal to bring over to the shelter, because of COVID we can only serve around 25 homeless people. 

We are working on having a blanket project. This would involve getting fabric and handmade blankets to donate to the people so they are able to stay warm. 

Coming up we are having a fundraiser! We plan on having a drive up raffle. We would sell tickets from Monday, Oct. 26 to Thursday, Oct. 29. 

Some of the prizes include a kayak, snow shoes, and gift cards. $500 worth of the proceeds would go to IFEED, which is a good shelf. It would cost $1 per ticket. We would be selling at the Caledonia Elementary school from 4-7 p.m., Monday-Thursday. 

Pictured are some of our committee members holding the sweatshirts we have collected. Pictured is: Lydia Jennings on the left, she is a secretary. Lillian Doyle in the middle, she is the president. Sasha Mclees on the right, she is vice president.

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