On Thursday, June 6, Caledonia public schools held a series of interviews to find its next MS/HS principal.

Former principal Mary Morem has taken another position with Triton.

A pool of applicants was narrowed down to eight and interviews were held in front of a committee of administrators, teachers, school board members, four current students and one parent.

One interview was done via the web as that candidate was located in Alaska.

Questions ranged from their leadership, vision and how they deal with problem students.

Following the eight hour process, the committee met to decide which interviewee might be the next principal of Caledonia Area Public Schools.


Dr. Sherry McKenzie, currently the principal of North Pole High School, North Pole, Alaska.

Dave Meyer, currently a licensed principal and superintendent who teaches in the Caledonia middle school.

David Rezny, currently the assistant principal at Ellis Middle School, Austin, Minn.

William Wietman, currently the principal at Mesabi East public schools.

Nathan Boler, Boler is currently a Cognitive coach at Jackson County Central school district.

Susan Link, currently high school English teacher at Caledonia public schools.

Darren Cain currently the Administrativve Dean at Pioneer Ridge Middle school in Chaska, Minn.

Chad Pederson, currently the Assistant Principal in Marshall, Minn.

Down to three

After the interviews were completed, the group spoke about the interviewees.

“No one rose to the top solidly,” said superintendent Craig Ihrke.

Concerns raised ranged from how much some candidates bounced from location to location after just a few years, to some racially insensitive comments regarding students of color made by Cain.

“I think our two local candidates rose to the top for me,” said Carl Fruechte one of those on the committee. “We had candidates who talked about getting back to Green Bay and how long will they really b here?”

“There was nobody for me where we say ‘that’s the person we have to get here,’” Ihrke said.

After scoring the candidates answers, the highest scoring local candidate was in fifth place, Sue Link.

Three candidates were chosen to present their vision to the group again on Tuesday, June 11 beginning at 5:00 p.m.

Those candidates were David Rezny, Nathan Boler and Darren Cain.

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