By Jordan Gerard

Editor, The Caledonia Argus

While 2020 seemed light years away just 10 years ago, Spring Grove is looking ahead 10 more years, to 2030.  

The new Spring Grove 2030 volunteer committee held a series of three workshops on Wednesday, July 14, at the log cabin. Community members were invited to share and give input on values and needs for Spring Grove. 

The committee is a volunteer-led group of people representing the school, local government, businesses, faith communities, nonprofit organizations and more, according to the city’s website,

Advisor to the group, Courtney Swanson said the effort started organically a long time ago, with people talking about what Spring Grove has to offer and what it needs. 

The July 14 workshop day was the first in a series of three that started with big ideas. By the third workshop, the committee will have a few specific ideas and a community comprehensive plan. 

Spring Grove 2030 partnered with RSP Architects from Minneapolis, who will give recommendations at the end of the workshops. 

The first workshop focused on values and needs of the community, with many participants pointing out such values as safety, cooperation, collaboration and community support that makes Spring Grove what it is today. 

The next topic was needs. Spring Grove has a long list of amenities applicable for many ages, but participants also pointed out there is a need for a multi-activity building that can allow different generations to interact, a community theatre and more restaurants or more public spaces to be with friends and family.

The next workshop will be Aug. 16, with time and location to be announced.

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